Possible Flash Season Two Details

So we all heard recently that there was a casting call for “Wendy” and “John Clark“. Cue the rumour mill, as amateur sleuths hunt for details about their identities. Possible spoilers behind the jump.

Firstly, comicbook.com believes that ‘Wendy’ is indeed Patty Spivot. The evidence for this is unfortunatly inaccessible; it’s on password-protected Vimeo videos, so it’s impossible to say if there’s any validity to the claim.

Some apparent audition clips for ‘John Clark’ can also be seen on Vimeo, although these videos can be watched. The character is still called “John” in the clips, and there’s no hint as to who he is, but maybe his dialogue will suggest who he might be. He’s obviously been empowered by something and doesn’t have super-speed (so he’s not Jay Garrick), but he’s probably not Hawkman either if the dialogue about him being very powerful is any indication. He’s also working with Team Flash but doesn’t entirely get along with them, so he may end up becoming a rival or antagonist unless they work out their differences.

Who do you think John might be? Who are you hoping for?


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2 thoughts on “Possible Flash Season Two Details

  1. Nick!

    Absolutely crazy (and likely wrong) possibility: Could John Clark be Superman (or a pre-Superman)? John and Clark as in the Kents?


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