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“The Darkness And The Light” Still Images And More

tumblr_nx1nfclPzR1tbsjlbo1_1280 Here’s the one-page comic promo from next week’s episode, titled “The Darkness And The Light”. The episode will introduce Earth-2’s Doctor Light. has official still images from the episode.


Just to warn people, there are major spoilers swirling around online about this episode due to the Australian teaser clip. You might want to be careful about what you look at if you’re keen to avoid them. (I specifically decided to avoid the teaser when I heard it revealed something major, but somebody on the net spoiled it for me anyway.)

The Collider has a surprisingly candid interview with showrunner Andrew Kreisberg and Danielle Panabaker, and it actually contains a few major spoilers. Perhaps most of note to readers here is what they say about Wally West, but there’s also discussion of the most recent episode and things which will appear in episodes to come.

Are you looking forward to the debut of Wally? Let us know in the comments!

“Thunderdome” – Review of THE FLASH #45

Flash 45The Central City Police Department is trapped underneath a dome made by one of Zoom’s group, along with a bomb that appears to power up with the Flash uses his speed. How can anyone hope to get out safe? And, what else does Professor Zoom have planned for Barry and company? That’s where we pick up THE FLASH #45, out today at a comic shop near you! Click below for more after the jump…


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“The Fury of Firestorm” – Review of Ep2.04 of THE FLASH

In an episode with significant developments on almost every front, this week’s show centered on the idea of second chances. Whether it was “second chances at life, at glory, at family, (or) at love”, the idea of overcoming fear and embracing our opportunities was the thread that bound this episode of THE FLASH into another great installment of our favorite superhero show.  Click below and we’ll have more just after the jump.


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“The Fury Of Firestorm” Preview

This week’s episode of The Flash is titled “The Fury Of Firestorm”, and the CW has released some preview material from it. The episode will introduce a potential new half of Firestorm, named Jax Jackson. has some still images from it.

And here’s a clip from the episode, featuring a difficult discussion amongst the Wests.

Looks like it’ll be an interesting story! Who’s looking forward to the new Firestorm?

Flash Becomes Death in Darkseid War

Justice League Darkseid War The Flash (Francis Manapul)

CBR has unveiled Francis Manapul’s covers for Justice League: Darkseid War — a set of one-shots coming out over the next month focusing on how each character has been changed by the death of Darkseid. Shazam is now channelling the powers of the New Gods, Batman has Metron’s Mobius Chair…and the Flash has become the Black Racer, personification of Death. (Not to be confused with the Black Flash, personification of Death.)

Justice League: Darkseid War: The Flash is out next week.