Poll Results: Your Favorite Flash Stories of 2015

2015 has seen a full year of Flash comics, two Convergence tie-in miniseries, a Darkseid War one-shot, the second half of season one and the first half of season two of the Flash TV show.

What have your favorites been? We ran a poll asking that question, and here are the results from 70 responses:

1. What was your favorite Flash comic book story this year?

Convergence: Speed Force (Pre-Flashpoint Wally West) 22 34%
Flash vs. Professor Zoom (Flash #41-47) 18 28%
Convergence: The Flash (Pre-Crisis Barry Allen) 9 14%
Darkseid War: The Flash 8 13%
Savage Speed Force (Flash #36-40) 5 8%
Creation Myths (Flash Annual #4, Prof. Zoom recruits his team) 2 3%

Judging by comments, I was expecting readers to really shy away from the current storyline. But as it turns out, the Convergence miniseries starring pre-Flashpoint Wally West and the just-wrapped Professor Zoom story in the DCYou were tied for most of the week, with Convergence pulling ahead only in the last day.

2. What was your favorite episode from the second half of Flash Season One?

1.23 Fast Enough 20 30%
1.15 Out of Time 15 23%
1.17 Tricksters 11 17%
1.19 Who Is Harrison Wells? 4 6%
1.13 The Nuclear Man 4 6%
1.22 Rogue Air 3 5%
1.16 Rogue Time 3 5%
1.21 Grodd Lives 2 3%
1.10 Revenge of the Rogues 2 3%
1.20 The Trap 1 2%
1.18 All Star Team Up 1 2%
1.11 The Sound and the Fury 0 0%
1.12 Crazy for You 0 0%
1.14 Fallout 0 0%

Clear winners here were the time-travel episodes — including the season finale, which wrapped up a whole year of ongoing story arcs — and the nostalgia-fueled return of the Trickster.

3. What was your favorite episode from the first half of Flash Season Two?

2.6 Enter Zoom 21 31%
2.2 Flash of Two Worlds 14 21%
2.8 Legends of Today / Arrow 4.8 Legends of Yesterday 10 15%
2.3 Family of Rogues 7 10%
2.7 Gorilla Warfare 6 9%
2.9 Running to Stand Still 6 9%
2.5 The Darkness and the Light 3 4%
2.4 The Fury of Firestorm 0 0%
2.1 The Man Who Saved Central City 0 0%

Viewers were clearly impressed by the first direct encounter between Zoom and Barry Allen.

4. Who is your favorite new character in Flash Season Two so far?

This was a free-form question rather than multiple choice, so I’ll summarize the top responses:

Harry / Earth-2 Harrison Wells 15
Jay Garrick 12
Patty Spivot 12
Zoom 10
Wally West 5

“Harry” Wells is the clear front-runner here. I was surprised to see Jay Garrick and Patty Spivot tied, which shows how well Patty works with this cast. Some of the other write-ins included Hawkgirl (2), Vandal Savage…and strangely, Barry Allen and “Flash.” Yeah, I’m a little confused about those last two.

5. Who are you most looking forward to seeing in the second half of Flash Season Two?

Again, this was a free-answer question, so I’ll summarize the top responses.

Wally West 17
Zoom 10
Mirror Master 8
Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash 7

Lots of anticipation for Wally West (no surprise there!) as well as finding out more about Zoom. Mirror Master’s also way up there, as the last high-profile Rogue yet to be seen. (The Top was part of the core group in the Silver Age, but has only appeared sporadically since then, and while Dr. Alchemy and Abra Kadabra are major Flash villains, they’ve never been part of the Rogues proper.)

Other responses included Jesse Quick (2), Killer Frost (2), Alan Scott, Tar Pit, Jay Garrick back in action as the Flash, Max Mercury, Barry breaking the time barrier by himself, and new Rogues.

So how about you? If you missed the poll, sound off here! If you answered, go into more detail. What do you think about your fellow fans’ choices?


5 thoughts on “Poll Results: Your Favorite Flash Stories of 2015

  1. Martin Gray

    Forgive me, I’m in the UK and haven’t seen Flash Season 2, but I did vote for a Flash comic – the Wally Special. I’ve still not come back to the regular Flash book, having given up earlier this year. It’s just not for me. Still, I don’t begrudge anyone else enjoying it!

    1. Mike W.

      I wouldn’t feel bad, I have been tolerating it this year. Not exactly a banner year. The whole costume change is just not doing it for me. And the writing is less than desirable. Now if someone decides to pen a new Original Wally West story, cause the writers now have that ability post Convergence. I am down with that.

  2. Drew Burgoyne

    I’ve been enjoying the New 52 but it does seem to be losing some steam since Manapul left the title. I voted for Convergence: Barry Allen, although I would have preferred to vote for something from an earlier year. I’m loving the show, especially the Earth 2 plotlines being developed! The Arrow crossovers in both Season One and Season Two were also highlights.

  3. Victoria Cole

    I am actually surprised that the Vendetti/Jensen scored so high and even better than Flash Convergence, especially since it is such a poorly written book. Honestly the only reason I buy it is because it’s the only place I can read about Barry Allen (He’s not featured that much in Justice League).

  4. Mike W.

    Well I missed the poll completely cause I haven’t really been around the Internet in the last couple of months since, you know Fallout 4 came out, but here are my 2 cents worth.
    1. Convergence Wally West! It has been too long. 2. Favorite episode Season 1(2nd half) Grodd Lives! So much win in that episode. 3. Favorite episode Season 2(1st Half) Episode 9 so much potential with the Rogues teaming up. 4. Favorite New Character? Patty or Earth 2 Harrison Wells. 5. Kind of intrigued by the whole return of the Reverse Flash. Kind of curious about this mention of Mirror Master cause reading that up there ^^^ is the first I have heard of it.


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