“Trajectory” Promo

Here’s the extended trailer for the next episode of The Flash, titled “Trajectory”. It won’t air until March 22nd, so we’ve got a while to wait.

Spoilers for this week’s episode behind the jump!

The reveal of Zoom’s identity was definitely interesting. Here are some articles which talk to showrunner Andrew Kreisberg about the revelation — and in an Entertainment Weekly piece, he tells us something that wasn’t even shown in the episode. Variety and E Online also have details too. You obviously don’t want to read them until after watching the episode!

Looking forward to seeing our first female speedster? What’d you think about the identity of Zoom? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!


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One thought on ““Trajectory” Promo

  1. RudolphWest

    I don’t like the idea of Trajectory as a thief, but I guess since she’s certainly not joining the Flash Family, that’s all they could come up with for her. Waste of a character to bring on the show, if you ask me.


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