The Flash Renewed for Season 3

Not that this will surprise anyone, but the CW has officially renewed “The Flash” for a third season!

CW actually renewed their entire slate, from new shows like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” to double-digit veteran “Supernatural.” That means we’re also getting a fifth season of “Arrow,” a third season of “iZombie,” and a second season of “Legends of Tomorrow.” Add in CBS renewing Supergirl for a second season, and it’s clear DC Entertainment has had another successful year of TV shows! (No word yet on renewals for Gotham or Lucifer, but they seem safe.)

“Flash” and “Arrow” were safe bets for renewal, but there’s been discussion as to whether “Legends of Tomorrow” can keep up the scale of the crazy sci-fi adventure on an ongoing basis. I’ve been worried about “iZombie” because it reminds me so much of “Pushing Daisies,” which barely squeaked into half a second season, and I’m thrilled that they’ll be continuing for a third year!

So…after the Flash stops Zoom at the end of this season, what super-speed feats, adventures, guest stars and threats do you want to see in season three?


8 thoughts on “The Flash Renewed for Season 3

  1. Golddragon71

    Abra Kadabra: Maybe as the season long Big Bad? Kadabra in the comics was a master manipulator and could be the force driving all of the other rogues Flash meets along the way.
    Grodd should definitely make a come-back and we can estanlish good Gorillas like Solovar
    Definitely at least One episode with Eobard Thawne.
    Hard to do any other Rogues until the threats in the upcoming Movie are announced…
    I read an article the other day about Warner Bros unfortunate Tendancy to put Embargoes on the TV Universe when the Movies are coming out. The article actually speculated that the TV Barry could have his number coming up so that Movie Audiences wouldn’t be confused by multiple Barrys. After all, we did lose the TV Boomerang and Deadshot because of the Suicide Squad Movie. This Embargo rule is not a new thing either..
    Back in 1977 when Filmation was producing The new Adventures of Batman, they had Riddler in the opening credits but because Riddler was currently being used on Challenge of the Super Friends along with Scarecrow, neither were allowed on the Batman show. (which is really odd when it would seem that a Batman centric TV show should have priority on the use of his villains)

    1. Lia

      Okay, that actually posted before I wanted it to. But basically I was going to say that they’re long overdue, especially because the showrunners had said we’d be seeing the latter two this season. Although I suppose there are still a bunch of episodes we don’t know anything about, and they could appear then…but it seems unlikely, given they have a lot of Zoom plot to go through.

  2. banks

    I agree. I feel like we are going to get a bit shorted on the rogues front because they still have a LOT of Zoom to show us. I’m almost hoping at this point they hold off on major rogues like Mirror Master and The Top until they can do them right and dedicate enough time to them.

    I’d like to see the show move away from a Speedster big bad.

    I’d hope for a war of the rogues type season long arc. Introduce Blacksmith and have her start assembling rogues to pull off crimes. Don’t reveal Blacksmith for a while, say midseason. Then have her clash with Captain Cold for some internal strife while The Flash is trying to find out what is going on. Then at the end of the season, defeat Blacksmith and Captain Cold recruits some of Blacksmith’s crew to form the rogues.

  3. Golddragon71

    Here’s a challenge for Barry and Company that I came up with during one of my walkabouts During a “cut-scene” from the King Shark episode we see that Harry is very much aware of the fact that Harrison Wells is known as a confessed murderer on Earth I (and I’m sure we can see the team deal with that little headache again down the road.
    Here’s the problem We all know that it was Eobard Thawne who actually killed Nora Allen and we know that he did it a day or two BEFORE killing Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan and assuming Wells Identity. Here’s the rub:
    Let’s suppose that Henry allen decides he’s done enough reflecting and decides to go back to being a Doctor. the problem arises that a member of the Medical Review Board examining his application was at a seminar that was being given by Harrison Wells at the exact time Eobard Thane was committing the Murder/Frame in the Allen home.
    Time travel can’t be used as an excuse because it’s a secret that’s kept from the general public (also don’t forget Wells real remains are in storage somewhere)

    1. Kelson Post author

      Hmm, good point: Wells can’t use his counterpart’s ID, and Jesse doesn’t have a doppelganger to begin with. At best they might be able to use Barry’s Arrow/ARGUS connections to set up identities for them, and hope no one recognizes Harry (though I suspect they’ll be able to go home to Earth 2 by the end of the season), but that does leave the potential hole in Henry’s alibi.


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