Wally West’s Flash Costume for the DC: Rebirth Era – UPDATED

Potential spoilers here.








Newsarama has a look at adult Wally West in full costume, drawn by Brett Booth. Booth is no stranger to the Flash of course, or to Wally West — he designed an unofficial outfit for him shortly after the character was dropped into oblivion in 2011, and the Futures End Wally West that we saw briefly mid-New-52. Now we see what the classic Wally will be wearing in the DC: Rebirth era, when New 52 Wally takes on the classic Kid Flash costume.

Wally West (DC Rebirth) by Brett Booth

It’ll take some getting used to, but it’s still Flashy. What do you think?

UPDATE (June 8): DC has released Brett Booth’s design sketches and notes for Wally West and the other Titans.

Wally West - Rebirth costume with notes by Brett Booth


23 thoughts on “Wally West’s Flash Costume for the DC: Rebirth Era – UPDATED

  1. Golddragon71

    I like the New Suit a Lot. I do miss the Gold Lightning (the white Lightning reminds me of TV ZOOM) Honestly though, I’m not gonna nitpick Speedster fashions when I’m just happy that it’s Classic wally back in action

  2. Zachary Adams

    I like the darker red and the silver trim. I might have gone with a Walter West-style over the shoulder lightning bolt instead of the “S” bolt, but otherwise it’s cool.

  3. Dan

    Except for the lack of gold,and the raised logo.Maybe they coulda reversed them,Wally one keeps his original uni,Wally two got the new one,but it will do.Its Wally so yay.

  4. married guy

    It gets a big tick from me.
    The silver reminds me of the Walter costume, (A good thing. It was a GREAT costume!)and the open top mask is a nice throwback to the original Kid Flash costume.

    A nice mix of Wally Flash/Kid Flash.

  5. Joe

    Nice. Although I would have preferred they give him Walter West’s costume plus the open top mask. It would have helped give him his own identity. Bad enough we have TWO people named Wally West running around…

  6. Jesse

    It’s brilliantly done. Gold would have been better, but that’s a detail.

    I disagree with a lot of DC’s decisions and what they’re doing with Rebirth, and I think their universe is just so much of a mess now … but I’m so happy that Wally’s back that I don’t care.

  7. Kyer

    I was so happy to note that there were no upper arm band accents.
    Then I saw the whole chest area. (gag me)
    Otherwise I like the rest of it and have always loved silver more than gold.

  8. Shaun

    I like that it’s an amalgam of the kid flash and Walter West costumes!!! Just glad to have him back!!!

  9. Mr. F

    While I personally think that they should take Brett Booth’s pencils away and never give them back, no amount of Liefeld-looking, open-top face masks can ruin the fact that THE Flash is finally back!

    I still have faith that Geoff Johns can probably ruin it though.

  10. David

    I like it, reminds me of Walter’s Dark Flash costume, if they had made a traditional cowell insted of the open one from kid flash days, I think it would have been perfect, but still, I like the Crimson and Silver Look.


  11. Lee H

    When I first saw this, I was incredibly relieved by its simplicity. Booth’s previous Flash costume designs (Bar Torr Kid Flash, Future Barry, Future New-Wally, DC You Barry) were very busy.

    I like that they went with the “Walter West” red/silver colour scheme. It’s a good way of easily distinguishing Wally Flash from Barry Flash and Kid Flash. I’m not entirely sure about the two shades of red – I think maybe a darker red all over would look better.

    It kind of seems like there should be more silver. Maybe silver boots.

    I would have preferred a larger lightning bolt, with no circle – like how Ethan Van Sciver drew it in DCU Rebirth, but silver.

      1. kyer


        I dislike the automotive speedster theme, but can live with it as long as that suit is something Wally made with the speed force. Really hoping he’s got his skill set and it wasn’t lost too.

  12. Phantom Stranger

    I’ll have to see it rendered from different angles before issuing a verdict. It’s okay and a bit simpler than most modern costume redesigns, which is fine by me.

    I’ve always thought someone should stylize a ‘W’ for Wally and give him that as a chest symbol.

  13. Anthony Clements

    I will reserve judgement when I see the outfit ‘in action’, but as everyone as stated – Wally’s BACK!, and the outfit is just a part of who he is. Personally, I want to see Wally cautiously coming back into the hero persona, test the waters so to speak. I’m so glad that his teammates will have him back, it feels more like the Titans are where they should be, all together. Let Cyborg stay in the JL, he can assist the Titans if needed.



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