Thunderstruck! Review of THE FLASH #2

Flash 2There’s a new speedster in town…just one? Okay, maybe more than one as both young Wally West and August Heart discover more about their own powers. Barry is having fun being a mentor again. Iris is being awesome again…and what more can you want? Okay, how about a new danger on the horizon? Joshua Williamson has an amazing arc going, and this old Flash fan is having a GREAT time reading it so far…and if you want to know more, just follow us after the jump!


August Heart has been touched by the speed force and has gained what appears to be the same powers as the Flash. Barry is training him, and the training sequence is handled exceptionally well by artist Carmine Di Giandomenico with excellent color work by Ivan Plascencia. Just a note here – with two issues in I’m really getting into the art style here. It is different from what we’ve seen in recent days, but the art is consistently good and the style works, at least for me. Iris really comes across well in this book, in fact all the characters do, with good expression and some really cool effects for the action sequences.

Of course, there is another speedster…young Wally West, who is enjoying his speed but is hiding it from everyone just now. He has good reason…the fear of worrying his Aunt Iris after his Uncle Daniel had turned into the Reverse Flash. As for Iris…

Iris West’s investigative skills are highlighted here…and of course it gets her into some temporary trouble as the Flash and…whatever name August will eventually use…come in to save the day. All that being said, Iris is no shrinking violet and no mere damsel in distress…and that’s a good thing. Iris is coming back in this REBIRTH era as an amazing character in her own right…and as a long-time Barry-and-Iris fan, I’m enjoying every moment of this.

The trouble that Iris had gotten into concerns a Dr. Carver…and he looks to be the big bad of this arc. His plan results in the HUGE ending splash page…as we get into the real meat of this arc.

NOTES: Joshua Williamson really seems to¬†get Barry Allen…and not just Barry but all the characters we’ve seen so far in this arc. We get a Barry we can truly cheer for, and a story with a scope big enough to be a challenge for the Fastest Man Alive…without leaving a world where Barry Allen makes sense. Williamson has the chops for any story, whether horror/noir as in GHOSTED, sheer terror as in NAILBITER, or in a knock-your-socks-off superhero story as in THE FLASH. I’m truly enjoying this story so far, and I cannot wait to see what the next issue brings. The artwork has won me over as well, and this looks like a great time to be a FLASH fan! Another 10/10 issue!

Okay, enough gushing from me…what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


5 thoughts on “Thunderstruck! Review of THE FLASH #2

  1. Flashfacts

    This is definitely my favourite issue so far. It feels like the train has finally left the station, and I’m enjoying the view. The highlight for me this time was badass Iris West. I like how Wally still thinks that Daniel is his uncle, avoids a complete retcon while setting up interesting character drama down the road for both of them. Does Daniel even know that Wally is his son?

    Looking forward to next time and all the new characters we get to meet.

  2. Dallin Turner

    So far so good. This series is fun and exciting, and Williamson does seem to have a good grasp on who Barry Allen is. And although I was initially hesitant about the art, it really does work for this story. I am enjoying this creative team a lot more than the previous one.

    I was reminded of Manapul and Buccellato’s run. Barry’s dealing with an old friend, who’s actually a brand new character for readers, and Iris was briefly kidnapped, just like in the Mob Rule arc. And the big similarity, is having Barry deal with ordinary people suddenly acquiring super speed, which is what happened in the Reverse-Flash arc. Of course, the scale of this phenomenon is on a much larger scale, so I’m optimistic that Williamson will keep his story fresh.

    Also, what happened to Forrest? Instead of being a chubby black guy, he’s now a skinny white guy? I’m really hoping that was just a goof and not a permanent change in the character.

    And finally, can we please get a nickname for one of the Wallys? Older Wally and younger Wally just doesn’t cut it.

    1. Dallin Turner

      I’m 99% sure that’s Wally. And I think he gave us a hint for how this story will play out. He mentioned his powers were fading, but now that he’s got a double-shot of Speed Force, his powers might remain forever. And it’s likely that everyone else will eventually lose their super speed.

  3. Lee H

    Another good one! I’m really enjoying this run!

    I was very pleased to see that Young Wally still believes Daniel West is his uncle. When DCU Rebirth established Daniel as Young Wally’s father, it seemed like it was overwriting their previous relationship with no explanation.

    Now it looks like Daniel is Young Wally’s real father, but Young Wally grew up believing Rudy West to be his father.

    There are plenty more details that will need to be ironed out, and they’ll need retroactively age Daniel up from early-20s to late-20s, but it seems workable.


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