Next Season DC TV Details

Saturday was DC Entertainment day at SDCC, and there was plenty of Flash-related television news. (See these links if you missed the Justice League teaser or The Flash sizzle reel!) Spoilers for next season of The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow behind the jump.

CBR did some quality reporting from the panels, so credit for all of this information belongs to them.

-The major villains for season 3 of The Flash will be Dr Alchemy and a speedster. There’s a hint of one of these in the teaser with the word ‘ALCHEMY’. Tobin Bell, who voiced Jigsaw in the Saw films, will voice one of these villains.

The world of Flashpoint will be very different, with Barry’s parents still alive, Barry scarcely knowing Joe and Iris, and Cisco as a tech mogul. Wally will be Kid Flash, probably the world’s primary heroic speedster, but Joe won’t know his identity even though they interact.

-Joe will be unhappy with his life, and have problems with Iris. Harry Wells will apparently not be in the world of Flashpoint.

-Tom Felton talked a bit about his character’s role in Barry’s life, as a fellow CSI.

-The Legends will face a Legion of Doom comprised of the Reverse Flash (Matt Letscher version), Captain Cold, Malcolm Merlyn, and Damien Dahrk. No word on how or why they will team up. We’ve known for a while that Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman were signed to appear across three of the Flarrowverse shows, so maybe the Legion will be jumping around to menace other series as well.

Legends Of Tomorrow will have a Justice Society. Stargirl, Obsidian, Dr. Mid-Nite, Commander Steel and Vixen were mentioned, although not necessarily as JSA members. Hourman appeared in the LoT season finale, so presumably he’d be among their number as well.

-There will be a weeklong crossover of Flash, Arrow, Legends, and Supergirl as we already knew, but the cast don’t know what will happen in it yet.

That seems to be it for the SDCC details so far; remember that the shows began filming only recently. What do people think of these teasers so far? What do you hope to see this season?


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