Casting (And Casting Rumours) For Flash Season Three

A couple of actors have been cast as recurring guest characters in The Flash TV series, and two more have been hinted at. Spoilers behind the jump!

CBR is reporting that Aquarius actor Grey Damon has been cast as Sam Scudder, aka the first Mirror Master. He’s described thusly:

“One of the Flash’s most infamous Rogues, Sam Scudder — aka Mirror Master — is a smooth criminal with a huge ego. Upon discovering he now has the power to travel through any reflective surface, Scudder embarks on a massive crime spree to prove himself the greatest thief that Central City has ever seen.”

It’ll be good to see Mirror Master at last, who’s long overdue and one of the most-wanted villains to appear on the show. And his bio is very true to the comics.

And Susan Walters has been cast as Caitlin Snow’s mother, the cold Dr. Carla Tannhauser. Caitlin has hinted at her mother’s unpleasant personality before, so this season we’ll be seeing the two of them interact and undoubtedly clash. Carla is meant to be a recurring character.

And finally, there have been apparent casting calls released for two other characters this season. Actually, there were three casting calls, and one of them (Mirror Master) was just cast, which lends credence to the rumour’s veracity. Besides Mirror Master, here are the two casting calls:

[ROSALIND “ROSA” DILLON] Female, late 20s, open ethnicity. There’s crazy and then there’s crazy… and then there’s Rosa. A wild-eyed whirlwind of a woman, this vexing, unpredictable, mentally unstable criminal has a history of violence and a nasty habit of turning people’s worlds upside down. Open to offer only / cameo ideas as well. RECURRING GUEST STAR

[FRANCIS] Female, 18 or older to play 17, open ethnicity, bright, a good kid, kicked around from foster home to foster home, Francis is now with an abusive foster father, John James, and his submissive wife, Karen. Sick and tired of being hurt, Francis has been having blackouts during which time she becomes her alter-ego, a meta human, who has superhuman strength and a desire for revenge….POSSIBLY RECURRING GUEST STAR (12) Shooting this month.

That’s right, a gender-swapped Top, and a character who might be Magenta or Rose and Thorn. A couple of sites have suggested Francis is actually Rose and Thorn, and she might be, but Magenta also seems likely. For those not familiar with Magenta, her name is Francis/Frances (the spelling varied) Kane and she has two personalities to go with her magnetic powers. She didn’t have superhuman strength, however.

I’m personally not thrilled with the gender-swapped Top concept, if only because I wanted to see Roscoe Dillon on TV and not somebody else, and I’m not enthused by the idea of two mentally ill female villains. There are so few female villains in the Flashverse as it is, and it’s a bit of an overused ‘women are so crazy’ trope.

But what do other people think? Glad to finally see Mirror Master? What about Francis and the gender-swapped Top? Share your thoughts!


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Lia is a Canadian fan of the Flashes and the Rogues. She's particularly interested in memorabilia of the Rogues and Reverse Flashes, collecting art, and memorizing a whole lot of pointless trivia. She may be the world's only diehard fan of the Top due to a love of hopeless causes, and she runs a fan blog on Tumblr, known as gorogues or The Rogues Kick Ass.

5 thoughts on “Casting (And Casting Rumours) For Flash Season Three

  1. banks!

    Agreed about The Top. I don’t have problem with the gender swap. I do have a problem with The Top being crazy. Particularly when we already have that in the Flash verse (Trickster).

    The first Flash comic I bought as a kid was where The Top found out he was dying and set out to blow up Central City. It set me on the road to Flash Fandom. So I was hoping to see The Top show up as a sane Roscoe Dillan and eventually find out he was dying and pull some crazy plan to destroy the Flash and Central City before coming back as a vengeful ghost and possessing mayor Bellows (he’ll always be Bellows to me).

    1. Lia Post author

      I don’t mind Roscoe being crazy so long as his character doesn’t get buried in it. Some people seem to think he’s utterly bugnuts crazy 24/7, which definitely isn’t true. But he does have his mental health challenges, and there are stories where he doesn’t seem overtly crazy but is clearly kinda unstable. So I think there’s room for that in any interpretation, but the show description goes a little overboard in making it seem like it’s his one defining feature. There’s a lot more to him than crazy.

      And yeah, I hear you — I was hoping to see something like that too. And honestly, I’ve waited so long to see him back again that I’m really disappointed we might not be getting him here. He’s not going to appear in any of the movies, so this might have been my last chance to actually get Roscoe Dillon back.

  2. Kelson

    At first I thought the idea of gender-swapping the Top was cool. As you point out, there are far too few female villains in the Flash mythos to begin with. But then you pointed out the “crazy” pattern, and it’s hard to unsee it, especially adding Trajectory and pairing the casting of these two together.

    1. Lia Post author

      Yeah, it was a bit worrisome to see the bio for Mirror Master being all about how handsome and suave he is and then the two female villains are just nuts. And particularly strongly emphasized for Rosa, which seems to be her defining feature. It’s not that they can’t have a mentally ill female villain, but they have to tread pretty carefully to avoid the trope.


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