Musical Crossover Announced, And A Major Villain

The CW gave their DC TV presentation today at the Television Critics Association (TCA), and released some new details about The Flash‘s third season. They announced that there will be a Flash/Supergirl crossover which will also be a musical episode, and declared who the other main villain of Season Three will be. More behind the jump.

CBR reports that the as-yet unknown Season Three villain will be Savitar, whose casting hasn’t been announced. It was already known that a mystery speedster would share the role as the season’s big bad with Dr Alchemy, who had a cameo in the SDCC teaser reel. In the comics, Savitar styled himself after the Hindu god of motion and fought Wally West, so it’ll be interesting to see if he’s a villain for Wally or Barry or both in the TV show.

The other bit of big news is the Flash/Supergirl musical crossover. It will be independent of the major Flash/Arrow/Legends Of Tomorrow/Supergirl mega-crossover, and perhaps a musical was a natural fit considering that both Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist are former castmembers of Glee. As reported by

The crossover will include one episode of each series. While they plan to use “pre-existing songs” for the bulk of the musical numbers, they’re exploring writing one original song for each episode, giving The Flash and Supergirl each their own brand-new song.

“So many times, it’s a musical episode off the set,” EP Greg Berlanti said. “On all of the shows we like to use all of the actors’ talents.” He teased that there will “probably be an element of the songs being in the characters’ heads,” rather than them being a main plot point. While nothing is confirmed, Berlanti does hope to bring in some actors from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow for a musical number or two, as well. Victor Garber, John Barrowman, and more actors have singing backgrounds, after all.

Many of the core cast of The Flash have musical backgrounds, actually, so maybe it won’t just be Barry and Kara singing.

Excited for Savitar? What do you hope to see in the musical episodes? Share your thoughts!


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One thought on “Musical Crossover Announced, And A Major Villain

  1. David S

    I’m very interested to see where this will go with Savitar, I don’t want it to just be about being obsessed with stealing Barry’s speed, but the speedforce it’s self, like in the comics.

    But I though of something, at the end of the “Dead Heat” arch, Wally wound up traveling through time, while another speedster showed up right after he left.

    So could we possibly see John Fox Flash at the end of this season?

    Also, could we also see Max Mercury to, sense he was involved with altercations in the past with Savitar?

    I Hope so.


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