Life After CBR for Comics Should Be Good and Robot 6

Among the casualties of Comic Book Resources’s reorganization as CBR were the hosted blogs Comics Should Be Good and Robot 6. Existing posts are still there, some of the columnists are still writing for CBR, but what’s still there is scattered in with the rest of the site, and the lively discussion section is gone.

A number of CSBG writers have set up at Atomic Junk Shop, which aims to be “the bookshop owner that can trace the history of a genre, a record shop clerk that can point out the influences of your favorite bands, the person at the comic store register that can tell you all about the run of comics that you’re sure to love based on what’s in your pull box.”

Meanwhile, over the last few months some of the Robot 6 bloggers have been writing at Smash Pages. I can’t find a launch announcement, but there are a lot of familiar names and even a few columns that picked up where they left off from the old site. I seem to remember that Robot 6 originally formed in the wake of a Newsarama restructuring that killed off Blog@Newsarama. It’s interesting to trace the connections.

(via The Beat)


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