“Paradox” – Review of THE FLASH S3.2

As good as the season opener was last week, THIS episode was actually better! The real Team Flash (the ones who make the show) keep finding ways to keep this show fresh, and after Episode 2 I am all in on Season 3. Buckle up, speedster fans, and let’s talk about this episode right after the jump!

NOTE: This review is being posted prior to THE FLASH airing on the West Coast USA. If you haven’t seen the show yet, please watch it first and then come back…


The Reverse Flash foreshadowed this at the end of last episode…and now we see that “setting things right” really hasn’t set everything right. Barry is in Star City talking with Felicity Smoak about the changes in the time line…

  • Joe and Iris aren’t talking because Joe didn’t tell her about her mother being alive.
  • Cisco’s brother Dante is dead, killed in a car crash – and Cisco isn’t talking to Barry because Barry had refused to go back in time to stop it from happening.
  • Draco Malfoy (sorry, Julian) – Welcome to Tom Felton!) has been working for the CCPD for a year…and he hates Barry!
  • In a quick search, there is even one small change in the Arrowverse – Diggle’s child is now a boy instead of a girl.
  • And in relationship news…Barry and Iris have never kissed (erasing their “first kiss” for the second time)

Barry wants to make things right, and he really tries…too hard. It isn’t working. The team is fractured and there doesn’t look to be a way to put them back together. Worse yet, a holdover from the Flashpoint timeline is “waking up” to his time as a speedster…

Edward Clariss is back as the Rival!

This time he gets his powers from the villain who calls himself “Alchemy”…and who by episode’s end will be known by his comics name of Doctor Alchemy. We will later learn that Alchemy may be planning to bring back everyone who had powers in the Flashpoint timeline, “waking them up” and leaving strange husks behind that the CCPD (especially Julian Dorn) has been investigating.

When Barry realizes the Rival is here…and that he remembers the other timeline…Barry decides to “make things right” again. But, he is stopped by another speedster…Jay Garrick!

There is a GREAT scene with Jay and Barry. Jay finally challenges Barry to “move forward”…

NOTE: “Move forward” was the theme of Manapul and Buccellato’s run on the New52 Flash, and it was perfect timing to bring that concept in here. It affects the rest of the episode and will have implications for everything we see from now on.

Barry does decide to make things right without changing time. He admits to the team what happened, offering to tell them what their lives were like in the other timelines if they want to know. Iris helps to pull the team back together, and there are some great reconciliation scenes going on. We even see Cisco as Vibe, seemingly in full control of his powers – and he literally saves the day. In the end, no one wants to know about their alternate lives.

We also see something even Barry misses…he thinks Caitlin was the least affected person. But…we see her showing a hint of Killer Frost’s powers!

And…we finally get that first kiss (again), and maybe this time that “first” kiss for Barry and Iris will stick!

In the epilogue it appears that Doctor Alchemy can appear inside Clariss’ cell! We’ll see where this leads…But that’s all for this episode, cannot wait for what comes next!

SUMMARY: As good as the season debut was (and it was VERY good), this episode was even better! I never cease to be amazed at this ensemble cast, with the way that they can portray the same basic characters with so many nuances. They handle every change in the character and make it truly organic – you see the as if their character had always been written that way. It was a fantastic script, giving us a fresh direction for the show without violating the basics of the characters. And, the addition of Julian adds a great twist to Barry’s private life. We have a great situation with new twists to familiar characters, and new good and bad guys to add to the mix.

This was outstanding! That’s my take – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


One thought on ““Paradox” – Review of THE FLASH S3.2

  1. Dallin Turner

    At the end of last episode, I openly mocked the “cliff hanger” ending of Iris and Joe not being on talking terms. This episode confirmed my pessimistic outlook. All it took was a couple of “heart-warming” conversations with a few tears shed and everything was back to normal. So there was never any reason to worry.

    But the annoying thing here is we knew Barry would and should tell the others he messed up the timeline. After all, he told Felicity right away, so why wait to everyone else? Oh, that’s right. We have 40 minutes to fill, so we’re going to drag out the annoying, “heart-wrenching” misunderstandings and melodrama before quickly fixing everything with a big group hug.

    I guess I like this show. It can be really interesting and cool at times. But the emotional melodrama that’s played out and resolved each episode is wearing me down. As is the heavy-handed CW romance angle. Constantly repeating Barry’s and Iris’ first kiss feels like the network’s desire to have their cake and eat it, too — perpetually keeping their relationship at the same state.


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