Race Time! Review of TITANS #7

This issue had me at the cover. Wally West racing Superman? Count me in! And yet, this issue of TITANS delivers so much more! The Superman of the pre-Flashpoint world meets the original Wally West!  A new Titans Tower! Roy and Donna! And that’s not all! This starts a new arc for the classic Titans team, and it looks like we are in for another exceptional ride. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


There’s a battle in Manhattan with a bad-guy-of-the-moment who keeps bragging about how he “got me meta stuff!” He’s a real pain, but not a major bad guy to worry about.  Still, there’s room for a little griping back and forth between Wally and Roy afterward due to some unintended property damage. That gets put aside, though, when the Big Blue Boy Scout shows up.  Yep, it’s Superman…but more importantly, this is the Superman that Wally knew before Flashpoint! Just one comment, “Good to see you again, Wally”, changes the course of this story significantly. Wally catches that, “again” and chases after Big Blue to talk about their shared prior world. Meanwhile…

The rest of the Titans are working with their attorney to overcome the legal loopholes and establish the NEW Titans Tower in Manhattan! The construction? That’s thanks to some Atlantean bio-organic technology…the whole building was up in mere hours! Transportation? An invisible plane, of course! Inside jokes? Everyone has those! The attorney asks about utilities and Garth replies “Nightwing has a special belt for those” (just one example)…and yes they are awful, but awfully funny at the same time.

From there we split storylines a bit. Wally and Clark talk about their prior lives and what’s happening now. Clark encourages Wally to hang in there in winning back the love of Linda Park, and they eventually have a friendly race one more time. Roy and Donna are having a not-a-date-but-really-a-date. And Mal and Bumblebee are stumbling into our next big bad’s HQ, but not before we see…


NOTES: There are so many great things about this issue that it’s hard to list them all. We have great nods to the “days gone by”, whether it’s the camaraderie of the Titans themselves or the idea of a Flash/Superman race…or that old familiar spit curl on Supes.  And, the cap to it all is a new Titans Tower. I really like this version…it looks from the outside like something that could actually exist in the real world (did anybody ever think the top of the “T” in the old tower could actually exist for long without something bad happening?). Placing it against the New York City skyline (with the new Freedom Tower in the background) should be enough to give any fan chills. Writer Dan Abnett knocks another one out of the park, with excellent artwork by Lee Weeks (with colors by John Kalisz).

This one is a 10/10 for me…what do YOU think? Leave your comments here!



2 thoughts on “Race Time! Review of TITANS #7

  1. Golddragon71

    so much fun reading this issue Wally and Clark’s reunion was everything I thought it should be….my only complaint is that everyone calls him by his real name in the field rather than calling him Flash. Arsenal calls him West during the fight in the beginning, Dick refers to him in third person to the Lawyer and then when he zips in with Superman NIGHTWING (of all people) calls him Wally. …..seriously! can we respect secret Identity protocol when someone is wearing a mask?!? call him Flash he’s earned it!

  2. Kelson

    “did anybody ever think the top of the “T” in the old tower could actually exist for long without something bad happening?”

    Considering the number of times Titans Tower got trashed in the old days… 🙂


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