“Abra Kadabra” – Review of S3 Ep18 of THE FLASH

A classic Flash foe shows up from the 64th Century…with a secret! Yes, Abra Kadabra hits the DC television universe, holding the secret to defeating Savitar. Will we finally learn who Savitar really is? Will Barry find the key to defeating Iris’ future killer? Or, will Abra Kadabra pull a disappearing act on them all? Want to learn more? Follow us after the jump!


NOTE: This review is being posted prior to THE FLASH’s airing in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t seen the show yet…STOP HERE and come back after you see the show!

Abra Kadabra has been going through multiple Earths, stealing tech from each world to build…something…don’t worry, we’ll get to that. But, that makes him a breacher, so we get a guest shot from none other than Gypsy!

Gypsy is out to bring Kadabra to justice on Earth 19 for multiple murders, including her former partner.  He will be executed upon going to Gypsy’s world, so he attempts to make a bargain. He will trade Savitar’s secrets in return for his freedom.

We spend a lot of the episode with Barry, Wally, Iris, and Joe wrestling with this choice – let a multiple murderer go free to save Iris, or let him face justice and take the risk that Iris will die? Joe does take that chance, letting Kadabra go…but just as he’s about to tell that secret, Gypsy shows up, and Kadabra takes the opportunity to run!

On his way out, Kadabra explodes a device in S.T.A.R. Lab, severely injuring Caitlin. This is where she shows more guts than anyone on the show…by guiding Julian through her own surgery, removing shrapnel from her abdomen without any anesthesia.

In the meantime, they find out what Kadabra has been putting together – the parts from a time machine! Yes, he’s using the original plans from Harrison Wells/Thawne’s machine, and begins flying through Central City on his way to a wormhole to the 64th century.  Barry, Wally, Cisco and Gypsy all go after him..and yes, they stop his escape.

Now for the final choice – let Kadabra go and learn Savitar’s secret? Nope, they let him go with Gypsy.  This was a difficult choice for everyone, and it pretty much ends that budding romance with Cisco. But, Barry does figure out something that could still make a difference or Iris…and why he didn’t figure this out earlier is beyond me…

It’s simple…Thawne, Savitar, Kadabra knew Barry’s every move because they were from the future and it was all history to them.  So the solution is simple…go to the future and figure it out for himself! And that would be all…except for…

EPILOGUE: Julian and Caitlin have made up, and things are going well, until…Caitlin begins to have multiple seizures. She is dropping fast…and she flatlines! The only way to save her is the one thing she fears most…taking away her inhibitor and letting her Killer Frost powers heal her. It works…but she becomes full-blown Killer Frost with an explosion of power!

SUMMARY: The main storyline is basically put on hold here – we are teased with “I know Savitar’s secret” but in the end we really don’t get anywhere…except for the idea that Barry will go “Back to the Future” to learn the rest.  There is a big move forward with Caitlin’s story line…but that’s a twist in the epilogue.  I did like Abra Kadabra’s portrayal for the most part, but honestly this one was not my favorite episode. I’ll give this one a 7/10…but you my fell differently. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


4 thoughts on ““Abra Kadabra” – Review of S3 Ep18 of THE FLASH

  1. bryan

    I can’t wait and I am so siked for what happens in the future and I believe barry is Savitar. here’s my prediction, as barry is traveling through time he creates a remnant and since he’s in the speed force the remnant is from the future and that becomes Savitar because you’ll have the once “original” and future “remnant” flash.

  2. Elva

    I think Savitar is Eobard Thawn, He’s the only one who really has a bone to pick with Flash. After he and Barry leave flashpoint things are between them are left with a “?” My second guess is that its Flash. Theres a lot of speculation that it could be H.R. and even though they have been hinting at that theory I just don’t think the writers are going to go with that for a third time.


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