“The Once And Future Flash” Trailer

Here’s the extended trailer for the next episode of The Flash, titled “The Once And Future Flash”. The episode won’t air until April 25th, so we’ve got almost an entire month to wait.

Looking forward to Barry’s trip into the future? (There’s also a cameo by Mirror Master in the clip, so he’ll be in the episode too). What do you hope to see in the episode? Share your thoughts!


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4 thoughts on ““The Once And Future Flash” Trailer

  1. Joshua

    The new suit looks great! Really hope he gets that look moving forward, and that it’s not just a future tease.

  2. Josh

    I looking forward to all the amazing things that he will see and what thing do they have in the future and I hope future Cisco will give Barry something to so he can take it back with him and I hope why being in the future he finds a way to save Irish I think it would be cool if future Cisco from 2024 went back to the year 2017 and have Cisco meet his future self I have a feel that Barry will find away to change the future but I all so have a feeling that future Barry won’t want the other Barry to travel back in time to change history even though future Barry all was wanted to change yet he never did because he know what could happen if Barry change the future because future Barry will know that could make thing better or make thing worse or maybe future mighty help the other Barry to change the future by giving him some that can help change the future and I think I would like there to be two Caitlin in season 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 one good and one evil witch his killer frost…

  3. Troy

    Assuming future Barry is Savitar, maybe Barry going into the future and meeting his future self was the mistake that set everything in motion. In other words, Barry may have sent his future self into the Speed Force to prevent him from becoming Savitar and that could have been what turns his future self into Savitar.


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