“Buzz Kill” Review of TITANS #9

The question is here and now – can the Titans trust Meta Solutions when it is run by the Fearsome Five? Mal trusts them enough to give up his powers, but really, can they be trusted at all? We get the true answer right here, right now, in TITANS #9…and if you want to know more just follow us after the jump!


At first, the answer looks like they absolutely can trust this group. They have seen the error of their ways, and decided to help people’s lives. The Titans debate this, and the most convincing argument comes from someone else who really did turn his life around – Roy Harper! Yes, his previous drug use is officially part of REBIRTH canon, and his point is simply…you can turn around, but not that fast. Wally and Dick decide to investigate, and they find out the truth…

You can’t trust the Fearsome Five!

No, they never gave up their powers, and they have some sort of plan to steal powers from some and give powers to others…and they have the technology to do just that! It’s not looking good for our favorites here – but there is some hope, in the form of…Bumblebee! That’s where we jump into the next issue, so we have a little wait here, but this looks like a solid story for now

SUMMARY: TITANS does bring back one of the fan-favorite teams of some time ago, and yes, we are reliving some threads from yesteryear…but there is a fresh feel to this telling, and the story moves along at a great clip. It’s wonderful to see the personalities of these great characters shining through the plot line, and there is just as much emotion as action (and large helpings of both). Dan Abnett continues to impress with the story, and the art team is still among the very best in comics today (and a personal favorite of mine) – Brett Booth (pencils), Norm Rapmund (inks) and Andrew Dalhouse (colors).  This is a 9/10 for me – love the issue and can’t wait for more! What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


One thought on ““Buzz Kill” Review of TITANS #9

  1. golddragon71

    Great story, good art, the only negative thing I have to say is that the Titans still say Wally in the field during a fight and not Flash (Nightwing did it this time around…..I mean seriously?!? Nightwing??? The guy who was raised by Mr. Obsessively Secret about Secret Identities??? Of everyone in the Titans, Nightwing is the ONE guy who should know to call a fellow Superhero by their secret identity and not by their real name) It’s fine when they’re in the tower having a meeting where it’s just them but when they’re on a mission they should stick to their codenames or whatever the only person in the Titans I think who’s name is public is Donna.


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