“The Button” Part Two: Review of Issue #21 of THE FLASH

Anyone who loves Easter Eggs should take a magnifying glass to any physical copy of this issue…and if you have it on digital get ready to zoom in on a regular basis.  We are moving to more and more revelations about the DCU in REBIRTH, and the hints they are dropping are simply delicious! I want to tell you a LOT more…but to be safe, how about following us after the jump?


We start with Johnny Thunder (of the seemingly forgotten Justice Society of America) trying to reconnect with his Thunderbolt. He may be the only person to clearly remember the JSA, but he isn’t getting out of that particular nursing home any time soon. Meanwhile, Barry is analyzing the crime scene that has played out in the Batcave. What?

At the end of last week’s BATMAN #21, Eobard Thawne had beaten Bats to a pulp. But, while relishing his victory, Thawne was killed by an unknown entity after grabbing that famous button we all know from WATCHMEN.

As Bruce recovers, he and Barry talk like the detectives that they are…but they can’t figure this one out. What they do know is that Bruce has seen visions of his father…but as the FLASHPOINT Batman. And, Barry has visions of the Helmet of Mercury (but let’s be real, we know who REALLY wears that helmet…but Barry can’t remember yet). Barry goes to the Justice League Watchtower to use…

The Cosmic Treadmill!

Barry gave up using the Treadmill after FLASHPOINT. But, now he intends to use it for a different purpose, to track down the weird radiation that had been on that button. A still-injured Bruce shows up and demands to go on the trip with him. What they find are multiple timelines, representing some very recognizable scenes for Silver Age fans. But, they also encounter a storm in the time stream. It blasts them into the world of…

Wanna know?

Spoiler ahead

Really, spoiler ahead!


Bruce (as Batman) meets his father (as the Batman of Flashpoint)!

And that’s where we drop off for now…

NOTES: I’m obviously not giving away all the Easter Eggs. There are plenty of JSA hints among them, and as a lifelong JSA fan I cannot wait to see the originals again. But, be sure to spend a LOT of time poring over this issue…it’s worth it.

SUMMARY: Joshua Williamson knocks this out of the park, continuing the amazing story arc that pairs Batman and the Flash as friends and equals in terms of importance to the DCU. This is an outstanding story! The artwork deserves some extra praise for all the Easter Eggs that were dropped into the scenes so effectively throughout the issue – that’s thanks to Howard Porter, with colors by Hi-Fi. This was a 10/10 for me – what’s YOUR take? Leave your comments below!


2 thoughts on ““The Button” Part Two: Review of Issue #21 of THE FLASH

  1. Joshua

    Absolutely loved this issue. Huge grins on almost every page. And the art was excellent too. My favorite Flash issue and storyline in a while. Just ordered JLA Year One to dive deeper into one of those Easter eggs.


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