Speed Force

“Running Scared” Part Two – Review of THE FLASH #26

Joshua Williamson continues to do the near-impossible – giving loving nods to the rich history of the Flash while adding truly fresh twists to the stories of the REBIRTH era. This issue is a great example, with Easter Eggs all around…and a surprising way of bringing it all together! Want to know more? Just follow us after the jump!


We start in the Flash Museum of the future…but not quite the 25th century. It’s “the near future”, and Iris Allen (yes, Allen) look remarkably like her pre-FLASHPOINT self while Barry has aged…quite a bit. In that future museum we see busts of several speedsters…some of whom have yet to make a formal re-introduction into the DCU. (NOTE: Yes, we have seen a glimpse of Jay, but there is someone with a HUGE collar that I’m sure you’ll recognize, along with…aw, just go take a look, will ya?). Even more fun we see Barry and Iris’ children, known in the Silver Age as the “Tornado Twins”, Don and Dawn Allen. Problem is, they aren’t heroes here…they are tearing apart the entire city!  Our present Barry Allen and Iris West (yes, still West) watch the destruction with Eobard Thawne, who taunts Barry as being the “true villain” of all of this.

Thawne convinces Barry to go away with him, with the promise that he would not harm Iris afterward. Is Barry dumb enough to go along with this? Maybe not dumb enough, but definitely vulnerable enough to agree. Thawne takes him to the Negative Speed Force and dumps him there, intent on returning to kill Iris!

Iris for her part did NOT want Barry to leave…she does feel that connection and wanted to work things out. She almost enters the part of that 25th century museum that would tell her about her own life when Thawne returns. She puts up a good fight…but how can she truly fight a speedster of the power of Thawne? Nope, she is saved by…

A Negative Speed Force Powered Barry Allen!


Yes, we have a significant change for Barry…one that will play out over the next few issues of THE FLASH!

NOTES: If you’ve been reading my reviews for any length of time, you will know that I’ve been reading THE FLASH since the 1960s. But, no matter WHAT age of THE FLASH was your entry into the Speed Force, there is something in this issue for you. Almost every page had a nod to prior continuities, and even the plot line shows that there are parts of Barry’s story that will remain constant…even while we see this major shift. No, Thawne hasn’t been able to kill Iris in this timeline, and Don and Dawn Allen are only a possible future right now, but we still see that connection between Barry and Iris that has defined his character for so long. And, the basic qualities that make Barry such a great character remain intact.

Yet, what makes this issue so great is the willingness to use all of that as a springboard for something totally different. Barry revealed to Iris in the worst way possible? Check! Thawne turning the history of Barry Allen inside out? Check! Barry powered by the Negative Speed Force? Check, check, and check! Wow! Can’t wait to see where this takes us next!

SUMMARY: This is one of my favorite issues of Josh Williamson’s run on THE FLASH. Williamson truly “gets” Barry and the dynamics with Iris and with Thawne. Williamson has also mastered how to take significant risks without straying away from the core of the character. The art is outstanding, thanks to Howard Porter (with Hi-Fi colors). I’ll give this one a 10/10. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!