“Negative” Part Two – Review of THE FLASH #29

The Flash’s powers have been changed dramatically since he escaped from the Reverse Flash’s Negative Speed Force. The effects are devastating, both physically and emotionally – and not just to Barry Allen. How do you deal with being as much a menace as a hero? That’s where this issue of THE FLASH takes us in another excellent story by Josh Williamson. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


We finish that battle with Shrapnel, with deadly results for the gang Shrapnel is attacking. They have all died, and Shrapnel credits none other than the Flash for bringing them together! Barry’s new exploding aura stopped Shrapnel, but not in time to save the others. He is so afraid of his new powers that he actually walks away from the scene.

Barry’s aura no longer protects him from injury, and his speed no longer accelerates healing. He’s dealing with all the after-effects of that fight, while trying to deal with his day job as well. You can guess that’s not going so well, either.

Kristen has been covering for him, while investigating the missing evidence that the lab has been processing. That mystery takes center stage here, with Barry showing his CSI side to great effect. It all leads to a discovery in the records room that launches us into next issue, with Barry…passing out?

SUMMARY: Josh Williamson is giving us a look at Barry Allen the person, at what makes him tick away from just being the Flash. Barry can’t trust his powers, but he still has the brilliant mind of a scientist and the deductive skills of a member of the CSI team at CCPD. His personal life is in shambles, but he still has the nobility of purpose that drives him. It’s a great character study for this iconic hero of the DCU. The artwork by Pop Mhan & Chrstian Duce (colors by Hi-Fi) get across this “negative” version of the Flash perfectly.  Even though I love all the super-speed aspects of my favorite character, I still love this view of Barry, seeing more of the person behind the lightning bolt symbol. It’s a great read – I’ll give this a 9/10. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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