FLASH WAR Part 3 – Review of THE FLASH #49

FLASH WAR is turning out to have a massive scope – the entire Justice League is out to stop Barry and Wally as they race around the world. Zoom has sent Wally on a mission to break the Speed Force itself, thinking that this was the only way to save his family. Will it work? Can Barry stop him? Can anyone stop Wally? Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


The world is watching…and worrying. Barry and Wally are racing each other at full speed, and the Speed Force energy threatens to unravel the very fabric of the Multiverse! The impact is being felt even in the Microverse, even in the realms of Magic and of the Green. This is as serious as it gets.

…and we get the ONE thing I’ve wanted to see since I was a kid and bought the very first Superman v. Flash race waaaay back in the Silver Age.  Superman tries to catch up to Barry and Wally…

…and Big Blue CANNOT keep up!

So much for THAT argument! Thank you Joshua Williamson! Okay, enough fanboying here, because it ISN’T good news for the DCU. The danger only escalates with the acceleration of the Flashes.

Eventually Wally does get away from Barry, settling (at least for now) who is faster…but again, that’s NOT good news for the DCU. They may not have broken the Speed Force…but they DID break something called the Force Barrier!

This unleashes new forces that we haven’t heard of before in the DCU.  Who knew?

Zoom knew!

We see the Sage Force, apparently able to get into other people’s minds, and the Strength Force, which is…well, you can guess that one. Zoom has become the most dangerous person in the DCU, and the way he proves that point is devastatingly clear…check out the issue for that one. Looks like the winner of Flash War may not be Barry OR Wally, unless something big happens for our heroes soon!

SUMMARY: Flash War continues to intensify, and this issue is the high point so far. This issue takes the danger up to Multiversal levels, with the Flashes outrunning Supes and even showing up the greatest Green Lantern of the Corps.  It also pushes Zoom up to a level that makes him more impressive and dangerous than ever, and we get a twist here that has me going wild, anxiously awaiting the big issue #50! Williamson is knocking this arc out of the park!

Howard Porter’s art work is absolutely amazing, Just a special note here – one of the toughest things to do is to accurately depict “special guest cameos” from other DC heroes in a solo title. Getting them right while maintaining your own personal art style is not always easy, but Porter pulls this off seamlessly.  And, the depiction of the various Flash unis (including a surprise third Flash costume) was handled flawlessly, keeping the characters straight in spite of the similarities of looks.  Bravo!

OK – this one gets a 10/10, and it sets a very high bar for issue #50. That’s my opinion – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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