“The Ascent of Wally West” – Review of FLASH FORWARD #6

The story of Wally West has taken a significant turn in this mini-series. The Fastest Man in the Multiverse has been taking dark matter out of a plethora of worlds. He has found his children, Iris and Jai. And he has found the source of all the dark matter problems of late. Sounds good so far, right? Well, there are still sacrifices to be made, and heart-wrenching decisions are just ahead. What will happen to Wally? What about his kids? And, what about the multiverse itself? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


The good news is that Iris and Jai are alive and are reunited with their dad. The bad news is that they are all on a world full of dark matter that was created by Wally’s own worst fear. His greatest fear? That he “wouldn’t be able to protect my kids from all the super-crap I knew was out there.” Now, Wally has a choice – eliminate this dark matter version of earth, or watch the multiverse itself go into oblivion, consumed by dark matter.

The way Wally can make this happen is to take on a station in the Mobius Chair. This is the chair that Metron once used. Then Owlman. Then Batman for a brief time. The Mobius Chair contains all knowledge, just pure knowledge. There won’t be room for emotion. No love, passion, no human connection will be left. Wally would give up everything he has searched for since coming back into the DCU in REBIRTH. No Linda, no kids, nothing of his life will remain.

Wally knows that there really is no choice. He must save the multiverse. But, he makes one last bargain with Tempus Fuginaut. When Wally takes the Mobius Chair and this dark matter planet goes away, Iris and Jai must be freed. Thankfully, Tempus agrees.

Wally has one more discovery to make before taking his seat in the Mobius Chair. The staff he had used on all those worlds to get rid of the dark matter infesting them was…nothing at all, not really. It was simply a way to “channel the hope of a good man.”

Iris and Jai watch as Wally becomes…something more. Jai asks, “What did daddy do?” Iris replies, “What he’s always done. The right thing.” With that, Iris and Jai are transported back home…

…Where Linda Park sees them, and instantly remembers everything. Even if Wally is no longer there, his family is together, and they remember him. As for Wally…

Wally has become something more. His uniform is now the blue that matches the Mobius Chair, along with something (or someone) else. Wally has also gained the forehead symbol previously seen on Dr. Manhattan! And, it seems that¬†this occupant of the Mobius Chair will not be content to merely observe. With all this power, he may be ready to make changes that will impact the entire DCU! That’s where we leave the Fastest Man in the Multiverse…at least until THE FLASH #750.


  • The creative team for FLASH FORWARD had a daunting challenge. They needed to take a Wally West who had been completely devastated, who had accidentally killed so many of his friends, and rehabilitate him in a believable way.¬† That is something they did accomplish – with Wally literally saving the multiverse, and with his sacrifice reuniting his kids with their mother. Scott Lobdell did a great job with the script, taking on this challenge and making it work.
  • One more cheer as well for the art team. They have been nothing short of spectacular for the entire run of this mini-series. I still look back to Booth’s attempt at a redesign for Wally West when everyone wanted his return during the New 52. That showed a love for this character that has definitely come through in FLASH FORWARD. Putting Booth together with Norm Rapmund’s inks and Luis Guerrero’s colors has produced some outstanding work – kudos again to all.
  • I’m certain there will be mixed emotions on how this has played out, with Wally now in the Mobius Chair. As for me, I’m willing to wait and see what happens next. I am glad that we aren’t dealing with a Wally who is wallowing in pain after HEROES IN CRISIS (a mini-series I’d like to forget, unlike this excellent mini-series here).
  • I am glad to see Linda Park reunited with her kids. And, it is great to have the newer Impulse and her brother actively back in the DCU. These were great characters before FLASHPOINT, and it has been far too long a wait to see them return.


We have a new status quo for Wally West, who is now possibly the most powerful character in the DCU. Iris and Jai have been reunited with the mother and are now firmly back in continuity. And, we have the potential for some multiverse-shaping events starring our Fastest Man in the Mobius Chair coming up. I’ll give this issue a 10/10 – but of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


One thought on ““The Ascent of Wally West” – Review of FLASH FORWARD #6

  1. golddragon71

    I’m very happy with this series as a whole. It really has made a lot of steps in the right direction of redeeming Wally’s unfortunate role in “recent Events”
    That said I’m concerned about the future. While on one hand, Dan DiDio(t)’si’s firing may be cause for joy. (he, above all others at DC’s “Powers that Be”, had it in for Wally and his fellow Titans.) The flip side is, we don’t know how how much of Didio’s ‘plan” for DC’s future will go ahead and how much will change as the months roll ahead.
    Didio(t) said that 2020 would include a huge Wally West centric event last year at SDCC.
    Have we seen the endgame already, or merely the beginning of a “Crimson Twilight”
    I really want to believe that Wally will be re-instated in the DCU proper as a Flash (if not THE Flash!)
    but current events leave me skeptical as well as optimistic.


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