INFINITE FRONTIER #0 has hit comic shops, and there are some true surprises in store for comics fans in general and Flash fans in particular. There is SO much in this oversized issue that we won’t be able to cover everything here. BUT, we will have the “Big Scoop” items below. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


The overall story thread involves Wonder Woman and her offer of joining the Quintessence. Does she really want to be raised to relative godhood, or will she turn down their offer? She follows the Spectre through all sorts of scenarios with a whole host of characters in the Multi/Omniverse. In all of that, there are some key things that should make a HUGE difference in the world of speedsters:

  • Roy Harper is somehow back to life, though no one seems to know that at this point. I’m very glad that has been resolved. You may recall he was accidentally killed by Wally West in HEROES IN CRISIS. Now that he’s back, it’s only a matter of time before the reunion between Wally and Roy.
  • There are two new worlds, which will obviously play major roles in DC comics. One is literally titled “Elseworld”, while the other planet is simply named “Omega”. Three guesses as to who lives there and where their next major threat will come from.
  • Barry Allen has been patrolling the new Multiverse, and has been offered membership in Justice Incarnate, where he will help to monitor the formation of the new Multiverse. The worlds may be back, but several have had their history “restarted”.
  • Barry accepts the offer, but what does that mean for Central City? Who can be the Flash if Barry is gone?
  • WALLY WEST is now The Flash! We will see more of this in upcoming issues, but the mantle has once again been passed from Barry to Wally.

There is a LOT more in this issue that has major implications for the DCU – it’s more than worth the price of admission. Just a note – the section on the Flash was written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Howard Porter. So, Williamson really has brought the Flash full circle, and I’m glad to see that he gets to do the passing of the torch.

PERSONAL NOTE: I’m a life-long Barry fan, as I started reading comics in the 1960s. But, I’m also a life-long Wally fan, having bought the first Teen Titans vs the Separated Man issue back when I was a kid. I’ve been glad to see Barry’s adventures, and hope to see more in the future. But, I’m also glad to see some redemption coming up for Wally West. That’s just my opinion – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


4 thoughts on “INFINITE FRONTIER Brings Big Changes

  1. Alvin

    I’m happy with the new direction for the flash and have loved everything about this issue and the dcu going forward but i gotta say, that interaction was weird.

    Wally, who has been defending keystone and just recently finished playing god defending the multiverse, made it seem like its a major promotion or something when Barry asks him to take over central city and the justice league as the flash. I’ll just assume Wally is putting on an act to make Barry feel good lol. Also Barry says “You’re the flash now, wally”, like what was Wally before this lol?

    But aside from that tiny nitpick I’m really excited for the Flash book that’s coming

  2. Jesse Richards

    As a lifelong Wally fan, this was awesome. And it’s cool that Barry is still in the picture, too. The more Flash the better.

  3. Mark

    Barry is basically being demoted to just showing up once in a while in the Flash book or other specials. I wish DC would come up with a way for Barry and Wally to co-exist in regular monthly titles…either in the same book or separate books. If they can do that for the Green Lanterns and Batman (with his proteges like Nightwing), why not the Flash?

  4. William

    I have thought that wally would be a nice and interesting fit in the Watchmen universe.
    Wally took over from Berry in 1986, why not pick up the Watchmen story after Watchmen 12 with Wally taken by Dr Manhattan is a sort of check and balance knowing what has happened.
    I was also a big fan of the Walter Dark Flash run, so I would enjoy seeing this type of dynamic.
    Everyone has to admit that DC has bungled Watchmen and Wally pretty hard


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