“The War for Earth-3” Review of THE FLASH 780

This issue of THE FLASH picks up two different threads. First, we pick up “The War for Earth-3” with the Johnny Quick of Earth-3 getting ready to raid the Flash Museum. And at the same time, we pick up from the end of last issue as Linda makes a significant discovery about her own abilities. This issue sets up a lot of what’s coming for the rest of this storyline – and in a way it helps to set up the rest of the big 2022 plans for DC. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Quick knows the end is coming. He’s been trapped in the Speed Force long enough to see the devastation that is on its way. Pulled out of the Speed Force by the Demon Etrigan with Amanda Waller, Quick is on a mission to steal the Cosmic Treadmill. It supposedly holds the entire key to saving everyone.

However, Mirror Master is also on his way to the Flash Museum, and he believes the only way to save everyone is to¬†destroy the Cosmic Treadmill. That sets up the battle between two speedsters and a Rogue (I don’t think you can count an Earth-3 guy as a Rogue, so…). In the end, Quick gets away with the goods, but not before a well-plotted battle that gives us something we don’t always get – a cover that depicts something that actually happens in the story.

As for Linda, she’s burning rubber…literally. She’s running so fast that her shoes are on fire while she searches for Wally and the kids. Those who’ve read the last arc know where everyone is – and here they return for Wally to attempt going back to a normal routine. He’s so interested in “no hiccups” that Linda decides she won’t tell him about her powers, at least not yet. It’s after this that Wally heads to the Flash Museum and the big battle with Quick and Mirror Master.

You’ll see more characters in cameo this issue, building up to what we will see as the arc continues. For now, though, we bring a close to the issue after Quick’s escape, along with Mirror Master’s cryptic departure.


  • Quick vandalizes the Flash Museum before getting down to searching for the Cosmic Treadmill. What he does to Jay’s statue is a bit sophomoric, but still very funny.
  • Quick mentions that he saw Wally “die…in between the seconds”. That’s ahead of us for now. Maybe in the big and “final” JL issue, but it’s definite foreshadowing.
  • This issue is largely setting things up for future issues, not only in THE FLASH but elsewhere as “The War for Earth-3” continues. That’s fine if you are going to follow the entire storyline across different titles. For other readers who just follow THE FLASH, hopefully we won’t feel too lost when everything comes back around to our favorite title.
  • Great artwork, thanks to Will Conrad, Jeromy Cox, Matt Herms, Peter Pantazis, and Rob Leigh.
  • And as always Jeremy Adams has the voice of Wally and the family nailed. I love reading these stories!


This story sets a lot of things up without being able to resolve much due to it’s place in the overall “War for Earth-3 Arc”. Still, it’s a solid story, and I’ll give it an 8/10. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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