“Death Rises” Review of S8 E11 of THE FLASH

This is a pivotal episode for a number of reasons. We finally clear up the origin story of Deathstorm. And, we may (finally) have a way to defeat him. But before all that, Deathstorm is literally bringing a “death storm” to Central City – and he continues to have a fixation on Caitlin. Meanwhile, Iris is still fighting that time sickness, and it may be spreading. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


A lot of this episode is spent on trying to find Deathstorm, mostly without success. Deathstorm is killing more and more people in Central City, targeting those dealing with grief and feeding on those emotions. But, Deathstorm has different plans for Caitlin. Deathstorm wants to transform her, to be…his bride? That’s exactly what he’s doing.

That transformation has started, but it’s far from complete. There’s limited time to stop Deathstorm, but they have finally found some key info on this monster. Here’s the scoop:

Deathstorm was born in the singularity that Ronnie stopped as Firestorm. Ronnie died, and Deathstorm came to life, trapped in that other dimension. It’s taken this many years for Deathstorm to travel to Earth, incomplete as a being. It took convincing Caitlin that he was really Ronnie to get her help in making him “complete”. Now, Deathstorm can easily go back and forth through dimensions. But, that presents a key.

Chester was responsible for that singularity – and he remembers the device they used to save him. If they can repurpose it and use it like a cannon, it could emit transdimensional particles and possible stop Deathstorm. Problem is, they need a host to make that work.

Getting hosts for help hasn’t been a good move this season, and certainly had a bad result earlier in this episode when they used Cecile’s empathic powers to track Deathstorm. He briefly possessed Cecile, taunting Team Flash. But, there is a volunteer for this new and very dangerous task – Frost!

Frost reminds everyone that she was created by her dad specifically to protect Caitlin. This IS what she was born to do. So, we’ll see how that works out, hopefully next episode.

Meanwhile, Iris’ time sickness is getting worse. It’s even impacting Deon, the Still Force. She nearly blips out of existence at one point in the show, with Sue talking her through. Sue reminded Iris of her anchors – Barry, Nora, and Bart – and she pulls through for now. But, at the end of the episode, a new visitor appears…

Eddie Thawne? Looks like him, but we know where all this could be going. That’s where we leave it for here.


  • We’ve found a new use for those shiny gold boots. They can redirect energy, allowing Barry to literally “ride the lightning”. Cool effects here.
  • We were also treated to “Esperanza” (a construct from Deathstorm) fighting Allegra. Strange this is that BOTH used the same power set – Esperanza did not use Deathstorm’s black flames.
  • The imdb page for this episode lists Rick Cosnett as “Detective Eddie Thawne”. Whether he turns out to be something connected with the time fractures – or Eobard Thawne in disguise – is something we’ll find out in future episodes.


An excellent episode with a lot of tension, quite a bit of action, and a new use of Barry’s powers (and boots). I’ll give this one a 9/10. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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