“Death Falls” S8 E13 of THE FLASH

We’ve all heard it – and if you’ve seen the episode you know it. There is a major loss in this episode of THE FLASH. Someone truly important to the team will not live to the end of the show. It’s one last hurrah for [REDACTED], and a heartbreaking moment for the series. I usually write “wanna know more?” But I’m not sure you really do. Still, if you DO want to know more, follow us after the jump!


I’m not going to take this point by point or scene by scene. Let’s talk general story thread and then we can get to a reaction to what happened in this episode.

“Eddie Thawne” turns out to be just another apparition generated by Deathstorm. All those fakes are popping up everywhere, intending to draw out the grief of Team Flash and generate the power needed to transform Caitlin into Deathstorm’s bride. The plan nearly works, and all of Team Flash is about to burn, but Frost is able to transform into the anti-Deathstorm, aka “HellFrost” just in time.

HellFrost wins the battle, tearing off the tachyon device from Deathstorm’s chest and then absorbing all his energy. Deathstorm is defeated, but at a high cost. That energy is more than Frost can handle. Even with Caitlin’s best efforts, Frost dies.

The world is safe, but a hero dies. We see the team’s grief as they learn the news. No epilogue, just the pain of losing a major character in the show.


  • There was a lot of “love is stronger than grief” in this episode. And, while that may be true, the show still ended with significant and understandable grief.
  • We even get flashbacks (no pun intended) to all the deaths that we’ve seen in this series. It’s a reminder of how many characters never made it to Season 8 (or before).
  • Speaking of “love is stronger”, we see Allegra and Chester being closer – not quite confessing their love for each other but setting that up for future episodes.
  • This episode gave us additional character development for Frost before taking her away. She is established fully as her own person, not just a “copy” or “echo” of Caitlin. Yes, she was created to protect Caitlin. But, she has still been her own person, and a hero in her own right. And, never more so than in this episode.
  • Danielle Panabaker gives us an amazing performance in both roles, and her reaction to Frost’s death had me tearing up.


I hate to see Frost go, especially with all the progress her character has made. Still, if you want a punch to the gut for FLASH fans, this certainly qualifies – and it changes the status quo for Team Flash in a major way. This ends the latest “Graphic Novel” arc for THE FLASH – and it ends with a powerful episode that rates a 10/10 from me. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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