Thoughts on “Into the Still Force” S8 E15 of THE FLASH

Iris is trapped in the Still Force, and Deon is falling victim to that same time sickness. Caitlin is turning into a mad scientist, determined to bring back her sister Frost. It’s a tough time for Team Flash, and in this episode we see a LOT of impulsive behavior (even though Bart isn’t in this episode). Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


First, some apologies for being late with this post. It’s been a wild week, and I’m just now catching up with the episode on the CW app. Given the time delay, I’ll just put some general thoughts here instead of a full recap (though I will hit some highlights):

  • There wasn’t a big bad this week – unless you count Deon going a bit “rogue” (pardon the pun) and leaving Barry trapped for a while in the Still Force.
  • However, there was a lot of potentially horrible decision making going on from our heroes. They seemed to be setting themselves up for trouble this week, especially Barry and Caitlin.
  • The episode seemed to try to go for a mystical approach, particularly with the “Batman 66” camera angles and meditative approach for Barry to access the Speed Force. It worked in some spots for the show, but in others it seemed a little over-the-top.
  • It was good to see XS in this episode. Jessica Parker Kennedy does a great job in the role, and it’s always good to see her brought in, even for an occasional episode.
  • We learned what happened to Iris’ hair brush that disappeared several episodes ago. Even though the use of it to access the Still Force got a little strange, it was still a neat Easter Egg that was planted quite some time ago.
  • Now, after saying the meditation session was over the top (and it was), there are still some good things and some “WOW” moments that came out of it.
    • We learn that Bart will someday get married, and Barry can see Bart’s children.
    • We learn that Nora will find her soulmate, and that she and her wife will be happy together.
    • And we hear the name…Max! Can’t wait to see where that leads.
  • As for impulsive behavior, it was a bit reckless for Barry to go with Deon into the Still Force. And, it nearly cost Barry dearly. But, he’s not half as reckless as Caitlin right now. She and Mark are still looking to re-create Frost. What could possibly go wrong? Barry got lucky and is back with Team Flash, but as for Caitlin, who knows?

In the end, I’m not sure what to give for an overall score. On the one hand, there were a lot of threads set up for future episodes – along with some eye-popping revelations. At the same time, there was a lot of time spent on plot twists that could have been a lot shorter.This was not a bad episode, not at all – but this wasn’t up to the high standards of Season 8 that we’ve seen so far. I’ll give this episode a 7/10 – still liked it, just not as great as the rest of the season. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!



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