“The Good, The Bad and the (Un)Lucky – Review of S9E6 of THE FLASH

Every season it seems, there is at least one episode where Barry and Iris are sent off-screen and the focus is on at least one of the FLASH ensemble cast. This week we center on Cecile and Iris…and a returning former baddie turned, well, unlucky. In spite of a potential plot hole or two, this was still an entertaining episode. And, it widens the mystery over a key member of Team Flash. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Becky Sharpe, formerly known as Hazard, had the power to steal the good fortunes of others. She gave others bad luck while giving herself good luck. But, she died years ago when DeVoe killed her. The CRISIS event reset the Earth, bringing Becky back to life and seemingly giving her only good luck…for a while…

Everything was going great until her engagement. Suddenly, bad luck was everywhere for Becky and the people she cared about. It led up to her fiancée being attacked and put into a coma…and Becky being arrested!

Barry and Iris have gone to Coast City to celebrate CCC Media taking over the news organization there, so it’s up to Cecile and Allegra (with a little help from Chester) to save the day. Things keep going wrong. Cecile’s and Allegra’s powers backfire when they try to stop Becky’s kidnappers. Becky is taken to a casino night, where her bad luck would give exceptionally good luck…to her fiancée’s brother, Tony.

Yes, it was Tony who attached his own brother. Tony is deep in debt to the mob, and figured Becky was his ticket to get ahead. It started long ago…when Tony helped his brother pick out Becky’s engagement ring. The stone was actually a dark matter refractor that reverses meta powers. That’s why Becky’s luck went south as soon as she put on that engagement ring.

In the end, Cecile uses her powers to remove the ring, and Tony’s plan goes up in smoke. Becky’s fiancée wakes up from his coma, and Becky’s good luck has returned.

That’s the main storyline…in the main secondary thread, Mark and Khione try to figure things out. Does Khione have meta powers? Doesn’t seem so. Still, amazing things keep happening around her. All we know at the end of this episode is that Khione is not a meta…but she isn’t human, either. She is something else entirely, but we don’t know what just yet. What we DO know is that Barry and Iris return to a baby shower, and all is well at least for now.


  • Yes, this was a filler episode, but it was a decent one. I’m not sure I buy the BFF chemistry between Allegra and Cecile, but hopefully that will be better as we go forward. After all, Allegra is moving into the West house in the spare bedroom.
  • Cecile spends a lot of the episode worrying about balancing her superhero life and motherhood. She is feeling like a failure for much of the episode, until some wise words from Allegra turn her outlook around.
  • Potential Plot Hole – I’m not sure if I want to count this as a plot hole or not. The writers sure bent over backward to explain why Cecile’s powers didn’t work in the earlier battles…yet she was able to use her powers easily in the final battle. They used Cecile’s own inner struggles to explain why things didn’t work in the first battle – and that when Allegra’s advice helped later in the episode, Cecile was then able to use her powers effectively. Let’s go back just a bit:
    • In the first battle, Cecile’s powers didn’t work…but Allegra’s did. That means Becky’s bad luck didn’t affect Allegra…and likely wasn’t the cause of Cecile’s power outage.
    • In the second battle, it was a dark matter refractor that affected both Cecile’s AND Allegra’s powers. That led them to the solution for the episode, when they realized the engagement ring was also a dark matter refractor.
    • That leads to the last battle where Cecile’s confidence had returned.
  • STILL, I have a couple of plot questions
    • The device that reversed Cecile’s and Allegra’s attack in the second battle was described as one-use only. SO…how come the ring had a continuous effect on Becky?
    • And, if the ring had a continuous effect, why didn’t it reverse Cecile’s powers the instant the ring came into her hand? Just asking…and I’m sure there are some explanations, but it seems just a bit of comic book physics to me.
  • Mark is 100% Team Flash now, but heartbroken still over Frost. He hoped Khione might have some of Frost left in her – but as Khione said, there is more of Frost left in him and his memories than there is in Khione today. We’ll have to wait and see just who or what Khione is…but it should be an interesting discovery whatever we find.


This was a nice filler episode after the end of the first “graphic novel” of the season. There were some minor issues with the plot, but overall I enjoyed the show. I’ll give this one a 7.5/10. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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