“Misadventures in Babysitting” Review of THE FLASH 797

After a FANTASTIC, action-packed “One-Minute War” ends, it’s time for a little lighter entertainment. Make no mistake, there is still a LOT of action here – but the fun factor has been cranked up to eleven in a story that lets the younger members of the Flash family shine. It’s a multiversal adventure that is guaranteed to bring a smile. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


First a quick apology – it’s been a wild couple of weeks at the old review HQ…but I’m glad to be catching up with you.

The events of this issue take place during the end of the FLASH 2022 ANNUAL – which explains Irey still wearing the Impulse costume and not going by her new codename of Thunderheart. No worries…this is all for fun.

Ace has agreed to babysit the twins, and Maxine Baker is along for the ride. That sounds like trouble enough, but the kids are quickly taken from our reality to a different dimension by Knives Maroney, and a gang he has put together.

NOTE: Knives Maroney comes from the universe of the Night Flash. He was connected to the Speed Force at the same time as that universe’s Barry Allen…but Knives is affected by aging in reverse. He looks young, but…of course, isn’t.

Knives has an almost hilarious group of baddies, parodies of better known DC characters. Sandman is replaced by “Dr. Nightmare”, teamed with “Foul Play”, ‘Mineral Man”, “Heat Wave, Jr.” (who looks more like Killer Frost or Icicle), and my favorite, “Reverse Grodd”. That last one was genius! Knives has found something called the Eternity Mind – and you know this will not be the last issue THAT thing comes up. It can call anyone or anything our of anywhere or any-when. Knives decided to call these kids first, to wreak his revenge on them.

But, there are two more kids waiting in the rafters. It’s a multiversal variant of the SuperSons! Not our Damian and Jon, but more than good enough. The battle is on!

Meanwhile, Ace is working with Mister Terrific to find the kids – he follows them only to be captured by Knives. That brings our “SuperKids” back to an hilarious final battle, with a solution you’ll just have to see for yourself.

At the end, everyone goes home…and the Eternity Mind finds a new owner…but that’s for another day.


Can I say one more time how much I will miss Jeremy Adams on THE FLASH? I will have to follow him over to GREEN LANTERN, but I will truly miss all that he has done for Flash fans during his time on the title. As for this issue, it was a fun ride all the way through. I’ll give is a 9/10 – of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!



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