“It’s My Party and I’ll Die if I Want To” Review of S9 E9 of THE FLASH

Okay, THIS is what we’ve been waiting for – the best episode so far in the final season of THE FLASH. Moreover, it’s one that should satisfy ALL the Arrowverse fans. I can’t remember another episode this season that gave me the absolute joy this one does. Okay, that’s enough fanboying for one review – wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Thanks to that gamma ray from Dr. Orloff, Barry gets to repeat his 30th birthday. His friends set up a surprise party, including not just the usual Team Flash folks, but also Singh, Kramer, and…John Diggle!

The party is going well, though Barry is in a somber mood. That is, until they drink their first toast. Everyone falls out except for Barry and Wally (Iris later wakes up due to future Flash-baby Nora’s healing factor, and Chester didn’t drink anything so he’s ok for now as well). The reason for that?

Bloodwork is back!

This was handled SO well! Rosso has learned his lessons from last time. Take out Team Flash first and there’s no one around to stop him from messing with a Flash. But, this time he’s not after Barry. He’s after Wally?

That’s not before a fantastic fourth-wall breaking sequence with “Flash Facts” – loved that moment!

This is the episode where Team Flash learns that the Multiverse still exists – a new multiverse, mind you, but still a multiverse. Wally has been projecting his consciousness into the Speed Force to visualize what he believes to be alternate timelines. They are NOT alternate timelines – they are the other Earths. Bloodwork plans to use Wally to conquer EVERY Earth!

Barry tries to help Wally – but Wally is fully under Rosso’s control…and he actually kills Barry!

That takes Barry to the afterlife, to meet…Oliver Queen! As the Spectre, Oliver returns Barry to life. And, Oliver comes along for the ride on a temporary basis. Apparently he can come back briefly whenever the multiverse is in danger.

There are GREAT action sequences with Oliver…and even an old “Arrow” show bump leading into one commercial. And yes, eventually the good guys win and all is well. But, this review cannot do justice to how emotionally powerful the episode was, how amazing the action sequences were, and how much absolute fun it was to watch.

I could say much more…but in this case I want to leave it here – if you haven’t seen it yet, go to the CW app and watch it now…or again.


Best episode of the season! A great sendoff for Oliver Queen, a lot of Flash super-speed action, and an overall amazing show. I’m giving this a 10/10 – of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


One thought on ““It’s My Party and I’ll Die if I Want To” Review of S9 E9 of THE FLASH

  1. Mr. Magic

    Yeah, I had serious concerns about Amell coming back and that it would undermine his swansong in “Fadeout”.

    But this was beautifully done. I didn’t realize we needed this.

    It’s a final coda for not just Arrow, but the Oliver-Barry friendship (replete with that beautiful callback to the Pilot). And speaking of bookends, in a way, it’s fitting that Oliver makes his final appearance in Barry’s show considering Barry made his very first appearance in Oliver’s show.

    And NOW is the right time to do this, too. Bringing back Oliver during the final four hours would undermine the Flash’s denouement. Doing it here and now gives the Oliver-Barry dynamic closure AND the chance to reflect on how far Barry’s come in a decade before launching into his story’s climax.


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