The “One-Minute War” Concludes! Review of THE FLASH 796

The “One-Minute War” has been a very wild ride and one of the best arcs yet for Wally West and the Flash Family. The big question is – did Jeremy Adams and company stick the landing? The answer is an unequivocal yes! THIS is how to do an event comic – wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


The “One-Minute War” has been a fantastic arc – and this finale is a perfect end to the story. If you like high-intensity action, this is your book. If you like great character development, still your book. If you want to see how to do a GREAT event book without needing 140 crossover issues, This. Is. Still. Your. Book.

Rather than give you a detailed breakdown, let’s go over the major threads that have been resolved in this issue:

  • The heroes who supposedly died in Heroes in Crisis were saved by Gold Beetle. Here, we not only get the proof of their survival – we get the explanation of just how that happened.
    • AND as a bonus – we get a couple of…historic…characters from Wally’s redemption storyline joining the fray.
  • And those heroes who did not die in that awful mini-series? That get to join the fight, with specially rigged harnesses that let them join the fight for…ONE MINUTE. Now we get the meaning of “One-Minute War”.
  • All the Flash family have played important roles in this arc, and they all pull together to make things turn around for their families and for the entire world.
  • In the end, Wally is reunited with his family.
  • And, in the end…Barry and Iris are engaged!!! Finally!
  • And, Max Mercury and Bart Allen are headed for new adventures in the timeline (hopefully in future stories)

Here’s the thing – Jeremy Adam’s time on THE FLASH has healed all the wounds that FLASH fans have felt since the New52 began. Adams has healed the wounds that Heroes in Crisis and other storylines inflicted on Wally. And it’s not just for Wally – Barry and Iris are finally engaged, bringing their relationship closer to where is was before FLASHPOINT. And, Irey finally has her own codename and costume as Thunderheart.

So…once again…THANK YOU to Jeremy Adams! We still have a handful of issues to go before the changeover of creative teams, so there are a few more great stories ahead. I’ll be more than willing to give any new creative team for THE FLASH a chance…but I will say that they have big shoes to fill.


This issue, and this arc, are a 10/10 for me. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


3 thoughts on “The “One-Minute War” Concludes! Review of THE FLASH 796

  1. ProssorMagic89

    Yeah, it definitely feels like Adams has completed the work that Joshua Williamson began during his DC Rebirth-era.

    I know this wasn’t intended to be his swansong (and I’m still pissed he’s been forced off to make way for Spurrier and Deodato). But it serves as a nice bookend to his first arc.

    The Flash franchise is finally at the point where I’d hoped Geoff Johns was going to take it during his encore — and indeed he might have eventually reached it if not for the the missteps with Barry’s reintroduction and then Flashpoint.

    I just wish over a decade of damage hadn’t cost us so much valuable time with one of my favorite corners of the DCU and its wonderful characters.

  2. Rodrigo

    This story reminded me of Dead Heat or Terminal Velocity, great Flash epics, great writer. And it’s true about the healed wounds, thanks to Jeremy, Wally is finally and completely back. It was sad to see Max and Bart going away but in a good way. It’s sad that Jeremy is leaving us too, it’s the curse and blessing of The Flash since Mark Waid. It’s like The Flash is a platform to do greater things, if you can write the Flash (in epic fashion) then you con do anything you want, shape the DC Universe (Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Geoff Johns, Francis Manapul, Robert Venditti, Joshua Williamson and finally Jeremy Adams).

  3. Married Guy

    I’m very nervous about the Spurrier and Deodato relaunch (and DON’T get me started on the renumbering nonsense…) but I LOVED every issue Adams has given me.
    I had no idea who he was when DC announced him as the new writer, but thank God they did. He was definitely the man for the job bringing Wally West back to where he should have always been – THE FLASH.
    He is also the ONLY writer who has handled Jai & Irey well – and that includes Mark Waid.
    The twins have been great under his tenure.
    Savitar is back! (Royally screwed by Johns in Rebirth) Jay is back! Max and Bart are back! Jesse is back! (Although I prefer her as Jesse Quick, not Liberty Belle)
    The entire crapfest that was Heroes in Crisis has been completely erased.


    Thank You Jeremy Adams!! The book hasn’t been this good in 20 years and I hope you get the opportunity to return as I know you have a lot more Flash stories to tell!


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