“Partners In Time” Review of S9 E8 of THE FLASH

This feels like another “filler” episode – that’s not all bad, and in fact it’s quite entertaining. If you wanted another Flash uni, you sort of get one in this episode, and there is a little bit of super-speed going on here. But the big factor is time – and time is definitely the enemy in this episode. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


First, an apology – life gets in the way sometimes and I am just now getting to watch this episode of THE FLASH on Sunday evening. I apologize for the delay.


This episode’s villain of the week is Lady Chronos. In the comics, her name was Jia and she had been a former love of Atom Ryan Choi. In this show, we don’t know a lot about her real name or history…just that she has tech that allows her to go through time and commit robberies.

Lady Chronos was operating in the Flash Museum in the year 2123 – and she was able to steal a Time Magnet from the Weapons Vault. However, she didn’t have the “time” to steal the stabilizing agent that keeps this weapon from going haywire. The security systems kick in. She sees an inspection certificate from 2023 and moves to that timeline, intending to get the stabilizer and leave with one of the universe’s most powerful weapons of crime.

That inspection? Barry was worried about mold and whether it would be safe to bring baby Nora there when she is born. [NOTE: not worried about radiation, tachyon particles, dark matter…? Just mold?] Still, when Barry requests the inspection he gets code enforcement along with the rest. S.T.A.R. Labs hasn’t been inspected in 9 years, not since before the particle accelerator accident.

Problem is, they can’t get out of the place. They keep being stuck in the Speed Lab, which will someday become the Weapons Vault that will hold the Time Magnet. Barry can’t even get out of the lab by running to the future.

Now, a lot of strange stuff happens. Items suddenly appear, all their outfits are changed, one of the inspectors is seemingly killed and replaced by a statue…lots of strange things going on.

And here is where we get…the Next Generation Star Trek version of Barry’s uniform. I actually like it. A Flash symbol where the communicator badge would be sets it off.

Eventually they figure out who the imposter inspector is, and she reveals herself as Lady Chronos. They will all die if this Time Magnet isn’t returned to 2123, and eventually they convince Lady Chronos to do just that. Everything returns to normal, and the inspection starts (again for the first time).

That’s the main thread – let’s talk briefly about two secondary threads:

  • Khione meets (off-screen) with Carla Tannhauser, Caitlin’s mother. Apparently that meeting goes well and she now has a mentor.
  • Chester and Allegra confess their love for each other – though it takes longer for Allegra due to all the pain she has been through in her lifetime.

And that’s it!


Just my personal theory here: I’ve read that the creative team behind THE FLASH had made some plans that extended to a 10th season. Instead, they are trying to pack everything into Season 9. When you do that, suddenly all the character development you planned for two years has to happen in a shortened single season. To me, this looks like they have chosen to pack all the character development into these “filler” episodes. Whether that means the last episodes will be 100% action remains to be seen. But for now we are getting all the emotional content at once. I’m a huge fan of character development in any series – still, I’m hoping for a little more “flash” (pun intended) in the remaining episodes.


This episode was Barry and Iris centric without showing us a usual Flash uniform. Still, there was a little bit of super-speed action (and a nod to a great sci-fi series). It was better than the previous episode, so I’ll still give it an 8/10…but with a bit of an asterisk. That’s just my opinion – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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