“A New World, Part Three: Changes” S9 E12 of THE FLASH

This is the third of four episodes that mark the end of THE FLASH on the CW. This episode does a fantastic job of setting us up for the finale, with a LOT of super-speed action and a lot of danger for not only Team Flash, but the entire timeline as well! It’s a “blue” day for Central City, both in the present and the future – wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Rather than give a scene-by-scene breakdown, let’s get to the most important plot points (you really need to see this episode for the rest – it’s more than worth it).

  • The crystal (Negative Speed Force) has been working it’s way across time and through people Barry cares about. This time it has gone to 2049 – to possess Nora/XS!
  • Under the influence of the crystal, XS tries to get Eddie Thawne (who has also mysteriously been drawn to 2049) to accept this power…to be the new avatar of the Negative Speed Force.
  • 2023’s Barry is in 2049 as well…and he tries to talk to Eddie, to recognize the danger in listening to the crystal. But he is interrupted by…
  • A terrific super-speed battle with XS, stopped only when Cecile steps in (more about that in the NOTES section).
  • Eddie goes to visit 2049 Iris, who refuses to go back to him as she loves Barry and the life they have built.
  • This pushes Eddie over the edge…and as the episode ends it appears that he is indeed becoming Cobalt Blue! More on that next week!


  • Cecile projects her consciousness into her 2049 future self to try to help the 2023 version of Barry who is stuck there.
  • She takes on her superhero code name of Virtue…and we need to talk about that…
    • Virtue is the name of a character created by Gail Simone for her short-lived but critically acclaimed series “The Movement”. Their powers are similar, and this was a great nod to the comics
  • As Virtue, Cecile is powerful enough to knock the Negative Speed Force completely out of XS, saving both her and Barry.
  • One other thing here…2023 Barry gets to talk to 2049 Iris, and finds that they are still together and still happy (2049 Barry is at the Watchtower in space right now, explaining why there isn’t an issue with 2 Barry Allens in the episode).
  • At the end of that conversation, Barry is pulled away to another, undetermined time…we’ll see that next episode.
  • One last note – when Eddie looks into the crystal at the end of the episode, he sees what appears to be ALL of the evil speedsters we’ve seen so far – foreshadowing what we believe will happen next week.


This episode is a great setup for the finale – with LOTS of super-speed action and some fantastic acting by Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne. I’ll place this one in between the previous two episodes and give it a 9/10. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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