“Assault on Eternity” Review of THE FLASH 799

This is the last full issue of THE FLASH by Jeremy Adams, and what a great time it has been! We’ve seen Wally and his family reunited – and more importantly, we’ve seen the restoration of Wally West’s character after years of stories we would love to forget (Heroes in Crisis, I’m looking at you). So, before we get to issue 800 and all the awesomeness we all expect, let’s take one last look at the fantastic run that has been Jeremy Adam’s take on THE FLASH. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Granny Goodness has kidnapped the newest child of Wally and Linda. Baby Wade has been abducted to “train” as only Granny Goodness can. She is setting up a group of young and powerful kids to be her new “Furious” group. But, Wally, Ace, and The Terrifics (go back and see their series for some great stories) are in hot pursuit.

Along the way they have picked up a couple of heroes from earlier issues – Gold Beetle (I’m already a fan), and Omega-Bam-Man from that cosmic wrestling gig earlier in Adams’ run. In case you think these two are just comic relief, they prove their strength and fighting skills in a most impressive way in this issue. They are keeping the big monsters at bay while Wally and Ace go after Wade.

Yes, Wally saves the day with a burst of speed that only the “Fastest (thing) Alive” can do (You gotta read the issue to see what I mean). But, the action is matched by the out-and-out fun this issue has throughout. And, there is a final mystery – don’t know if it will be solved in issue 800, but here it is:

On the way back from their successful fight, something goes awry and the journey takes weeks…maybe months…to complete. When they get home, Wally is in the uni that he took through REBIRTH – and he has a full beard going on. Will we learn what happened? Only time (and issue 800) will tell.


  • This issue could have easily been spread out among 2-3 more issues. It’s possible that the story was compacted a bit due to knowing Adams’ would be off the title after 800. Still, it was a good story as it stood alone.
  • Just an advert here – go and check out Adams’ start with GREEN LANTERN – he’s already doing a stellar job there.


I will miss Jeremy Adams on THE FLASH. This has been a stellar run, with SO much fun packed in every issue. It reminds me what I loved about comics in the first place. This issue is a 9/10 for me – of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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