“A New World, Part Two” S9 E11 of THE FLASH

We are in the second episode of the four-part finale of THE FLASH. Last week gave us one of the best episodes of the entire series. What comes next? What story threads will they resolve? What reveals will we find? There’s a lot going on as we rush to the finish line for this series – wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


NOTE: This review is posting before THE FLASH will be seen in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t seen the show yet, STOP HERE and come back later. I don’t have ALL the spoilers here…but you will still be glad you waited to read the rest!

ALSO NOTE: This is the one time that I get to see THE FLASH when it first hits the airwaves. I won’t get this opportunity again (I usually see it the next day on the CW App). Still, it was great to do this on the same night for once.

There is quite a bit of action in this episode, though only a few minutes of that belong to Barry Allen. This is mostly a Mark/Khione episode, with some significant reveals along the way. Without giving everything away, here are some quick notes from the show:

  • The blue crystal is moving throughout time, taking on various hosts to get at Team Flash. Last episode it temporarily possessed a young officer Joe West. This week it possesses Mark, who almost succeeds in taking out Team Flash.
  • We finally see just how powerful Khione has become. She has become an elemental that controls…just about all elements. Before the end of this episode, she realizes her status and the extent of her power. She will stay with the team through this crisis…but then plans to leave to save the world at large.
  • “Dr. Malcom Gilmore” sees more and more visions of Eddie Thawne’s life, and it leads him all over Central City. He ransacks Iris’ office, he freaks out everyone at CCPD, and he eventually goes to the gravesite of Eddie Thawne…more on that in a minute.
  • Barry returns from his journey last episode just in time to take Iris to the hospital. Baby Nora is finally ready to appear! But, before long, he is taken away again by this mysterious blue light…and yes, it has to be connected to…

“Malcom” finally digs up the coffin of Eddie Thawne to find it empty! It is then that he finally recalls everything. He IS Eddie Thawne! To prove it, he pulls the bullet out from his own chest. He IS back…and while he hasn’t taken on the name yet, he IS the one who will become Cobalt Blue!


  • We get a visit from the Speed Force herself, weakened by attacks from the Negative Speed Force. She still plays an important part in Khione’s journey of discovery, but we may or may not see her again.
  • Khione’s power set has grown exponentially. There is very little that she cannot do now – and that is sure to play into the rest of this finale.
  • Barry gets very little screen time here, less than 10 minutes. But, the Cobalt Blue story thread runs throughout, and by the end of the episode a lot of that thread is coming together to give us the last big bad of the series.


I purposely didn’t give a full play-by-play this time – you really need to see the episode for yourself. It isn’t as powerful as last week…but last week did set an almost impossibly high bar for the show. We still get some resolution to Khione’s story along with the big reveal of Eddie’s nature. So, I’ll still give this episode an 8/10. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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