“Time Heist” Review of THE FLASH 798

After the “One-Minute War”, many writers would do a filler issue. But nope, we’re jumping straight into a VERY consequential story for the Flash family, with a lot of guest characters. We’ll see some good guys, one very bad character, and a surprise visit that I don’t think anyone will see coming. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


That little cameo by Granny Goodness last issue wasn’t meant to be followed up in some distant future story. No, Granny Goodness is front and center in this arc – and she has taken the new addition to the family!

We get just a moment to celebrate the birth of little Wade West, and Wade is doing fine…at least until a “nurse” comes to take the baby for some “tests”. Turns out, that “nurse” was none other than Granny Goodness!

Elsewhere, Mister Terrific is testing out a new device that goes a little haywire, ripping a hole in space-time. Enter, Hourman…the future, 853rd century android version of Hourman. He has been pulled from his eternal fight with Extant, and he knows what has happened to Wally and Linda’s son. But, to get him back, they need a team…and what a team!

First to arrive is Gold Beetle. In true River Song fashion, this is the first time she has met a Flash, but she quickly agrees to help. Meanwhile Michael Holt brings in some reinforcements, including Kid Flash, Plastic Man, and Metamorpho. They need to go through Hypertime to save little Wade, and Mister Terrific has just the ship to make that happen.

They are heading into Hypertime, and all is going well…until one more surprise hits. Anyone remember the Omniversal Wrestling champion? Yes! Wally’s tag team partner Omega-Bam-Man is back! I sorta feel sorry for anyone that gets in the way of this group – and that’s where we leave it for now.


  • Linda no longer has powers, now that the baby has been born. It was great seeing her as a speedster, but the return to “normal” means she is still a truly awesome character.
  • Having Granny Goodness as the big bad here already lets us know we are in for a HUGE fight. Adding in Gold Beetle, Hourman and The Terrifics makes it fantastic! (did Phantom Girl appear in one panel? Can’t tell if that was meant to be her or Linda when the team came together. Everyone feel free to comment here).
  • As noted in the intro to this review – a lot of writers would take the issue after such an outstanding arc as “One-Minute War” and just do a fluff kind of filler issue. It’s so impressive to see Jeremy Adams jumping into another outstanding story without taking a second’s rest. I will truly miss his work after issue 800.


Another outstanding issue – I’ll give this a 10/10. Of course, that’s my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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