“Wally’s Monster” Review of KNIGHT TERRORS: THE FLASH 2

This summer’s big event in the DCU is “Knight Terrors”. It’s a landscape full of horror, infecting every part of the DC Universe. In this 2-part story, it’s taken Barry Allen into his own worst nightmare. Wally West is still Kid Flash…and he’s dying. Barry is doing things he would never normally do to try and save Wally – but at the end of issue 1, Barry was finally in sight of Wally’s monster. What, or who was it? And, will Barry be able to escape this nightmare? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Something is wrong with the Speed Force. Friction now exists in the Speed Force, and it’s slowly wearing at Barry, reshaping him, turning him into something he barely recognizes. But, it’s worth it to him, if he can only find a way to stop Grodd and save Wally. We see Barry facing off against an old friend and an old enemy, going through time and space and taking actions that our Barry Allen would never even consider.

In the end, Barry realizes what has really happened to the Speed Force, and the true nature of this monster…and it’s a grotesque as you can imagine. Thankfully, Barry is brought out of this nightmare…but the battle is far from over, to be continued in KNIGHT TERRORS: NIGHT’S END.


  • I like horror comics. I LOVE The Flash. I’m just not sure I like the way these two concepts have been merged here.
  • It came across as a more generic horror story (“Who is the REAL monster here?”) and the Flash family was plugged into it.
  • That said, the artwork was great – the impact on Barry throughout the story, and the final “monster” were exactly what you would hope to see in a horror comic.

I wish I could give higher praise, but after fantastic runs by Williamson and Adams, this story didn’t quite hit as hard. I’ll give this one a 6/10. Of course, that’s just my opinion – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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