“Double Juggle” Review of SPEED FORCE #1

It is SO good to see DC give the Flash Family more titles – it’s been a long time coming, and now we have not one, not two, but THREE titles directly tied to our favorite speedsters (and that’s without counting all the super-group titles). In this series, we see Wallace West and Avery Ho getting some well-deserved spotlight. There are cameos a plenty is this inaugural issue. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Wallace and Avery start the issue gaming with Conner Kent/Superboy, but after that fun ends the mystery begins…with the disappearance of almost every scientist working around the world for S.T.A.R. Labs has gone missing! Kid Flash and the Flash of China decide to take this one on, as Wally West is tied up (see the current run of THE FLASH). As they investigate, they meet  Titans Más y Menos…but it’s not a pleasant get-together as Más y Menos appears to be under mind control!

All this is a set up to the big bad of this arc…Music Meister. This villain first appeared in animation, in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, with NPH providing the voice. He appears to be trying to bring the entire world under his control through a music app called Symphonee – and we will learn a LOT more about that soon.


  • It’s great to see other members of the Flash family get the spotlight. And, I’ve only give a small sample of the cameos from other heroes who show up in this issue. It’s well crafted with a lot of your favorites showing up in the story.
  • There are times that the script is maybe trying a bit too hard to represent today’s youth culture…but overall it gets the important parts of the plot across exceptionally well while giving an excellent voice to our main speedsters.


This is a good start to a new FLASH title – there are some minor bumps but I am definitely in for the full ride here. I’ll give this one an 8/10 – of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!



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