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Flash “Elseworlds” Teaser

The first teaser for the upcoming CW crossover debuted last night, and gives us a hint about what’s gone terribly wrong for the heroes. Check it out below.

The “Elseworlds” crossover runs from December 9th to 11th, and includes episodes of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl (in that order, so the timeslots are a bit different). Mark the dates on your calendar!

A Surprise Appearance In The CW Crossover

The annual CW DCTV crossover won’t air until December, but it’s currently being filmed and story details are slowly beginning to trickle out. This year’s theme is “Elseworlds”. As you can see from the poster, Barry Allen and Oliver Queen will be swapping superhero identities, but that isn’t the only Flash-related surprise from the story. See the photo below, though be mindful of spoilers.


As can be seen here, John Wesley Shipp is back as the `90s Flash. It isn’t known how much he’ll be appearing in the story or what exactly he’ll be doing, but it’s great to see him back in the role and the suit again.

The crossover episodes will air from December 9th to 11th this year, and will include The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl.

“The Death Of Vibe” Trailer

Here’s the trailer for next week’s episode of The Flash, titled “The Death Of Vibe”. In it, we get another look at Cicada in action, as well as the debut of a new character…and, of course, hints of something bad happening to Cisco. Check it out below!

Arrowverse Crossover Villain: Dr. John Deegan of Arkham Asylum

The December 2018 crossover between Arrow, Flash and Supergirl will focus on Gotham City (it’s not clear which universe, but I’d guess Supergirl’s), feature Superman and the Flash together, and introduce both Batwoman and Lois Lane.

Now we have a villain: Jeremy Davies will be playing Dr. John Deegan of Arkham Asylum, who “might just be crazier than the inmates he treats.”

He sounds like a new character.

But I wonder if he’s an adaptation of Doctor Destiny, aka John Dee?

Good casting in either case!

First Look At New CW Flash Costume

The CW has released a poster showing the new Flash costume we’ll be seeing in the series’ fifth season. The most notable change is the lack of a chinstrap, though there are other differences too; the fabric doesn’t look the same, and it has a new texture. And Barry’s looking a lot more world-weary here than he has in seasons past, which is interesting.

I didn’t like the chinstrap when the show debuted, but the funny thing is that now the costume looks weird to me without it. I’ll probably get used to it eventually, however.

What do other viewers think of the new costume? Are you liking Barry’s new cowl and other outfit details, or are they not to your taste? Share your thoughts here!

Season Five Flash Teaser Released At SDCC

It’s San Diego Comic Con weekend, and as always, Saturday is the day for major media presentations. DC released trailers for Aquaman and Shazam today, and showed trailers for all of its CW superhero shows. You can see the teaser-trailer for The Flash series right here.

As you can see here, we get an old-school Flash ring in the teaser, and a very good look at young Nora Allen. She’s called XS, which is obviously a nod to Barry and Iris’ superhero granddaughter in the comics; here she’s their daughter (or at least says she is).

We also get an extended look at a villain, who is apparently Cicada. You may recall him as a villain from the Geoff Johns era, and he’s got his lightning-shaped knife in the teaser. He will be played by Chris Klein (American Pie) this season.

What did you think of the trailer? Did it catch your interest, and are you looking forward to Cicada or XS? Feel free to share your thoughts!