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“The Button” Finale – Review of THE FLASH #22

Recognize that guy on the cover? I sure do! The one, the only…wait, the real question is, does anyone else recognize him? No, I don’t mean you, the wonderful followers of Speedforce.org…I mean does anyone else in today’s DCU recognize…him? That’s just one revelation as some of the mysteries of REBIRTH are confirmed in this issue of THE FLASH! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“The Button” Part 3 – Review of BATMAN #22

Our heroes are missing 10 years of their lives…and whoever took those years has been aiming to hurt the superheroes of the DCU, to weaken them ahead of some as-yet-unseen battle. If you didn’t believe that before, you’ll really believe it after reading BATMAN #22. What’s the worst thing you can to do Batman (other than the loss of almost every Robin he’s ever known)? And, who has “The Button” right now? Both answers are surprising, and that’s just part of this amazing team up between Batman and The Flash! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“The Button” Part Two: Review of Issue #21 of THE FLASH

Anyone who loves Easter Eggs should take a magnifying glass to any physical copy of this issue…and if you have it on digital get ready to zoom in on a regular basis.  We are moving to more and more revelations about the DCU in REBIRTH, and the hints they are dropping are simply delicious! I want to tell you a LOT more…but to be safe, how about following us after the jump?


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Flash #21 Preview

The four-part crossover “The Button” continues this week in Flash #21, and you can see the preview up at The Beat. There are a whole lot of easter eggs to be seen here, and it features the return of a long-missed standby from the Flashverse.

Check out the preview at the link, and let us know what you think about it. What do you hope to see in the remaining three issues of the story arc?

Batman #21 Preview

DC has released the preview for Batman #21, which is the first part of the upcoming FlashBatman crossover, and you can see it at Comic Vine. The issue is out this Wednesday, and is part of a four-issue story titled “The Button”. And as you can see, it features the return of a long-missed villain.

Planning to pick this up? What do you hope to see in the story? Share your thoughts!

Batman #22 Variant Cover Revealed

The upcoming FlashBatman crossover “The Button” will begin next week, and DC’s released another telling cover from it. This one’s a variant from Batman #22, and features disturbing allusions to guest-stars Professor Zoom and Flashpoint’s Thomas Wayne (you can see the main cover for this issue here).

We saw at the end of Flash #19 that Professor Zoom’s alive and remembers the events of Flashpoint, including his death at the hands of Thomas Wayne. It’ll be interesting to see if he meets with Flashpoint Batman during the crossover, as he’s already expressed the intention of attacking his son. Plus, of course, there’s the mystery of the Comedian’s button which Barry Allen and Batman will be tackling.

The crossover begins on April 19th with Batman #21, and continues the following week in Flash #21. It will then continue in issues #22 of the Batman and Flash series.