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“Fallout” – Review of Episode 114 of THE FLASH

Last episode ended with a bang…or rather a nuclear explosion as Firestorm blew up while Barry and Caitlin sped away just ahead of the blast wave. Could that really have been the end of Firestorm? Not a chance! That’s where we pick up in Episode 114 of THE FLASH, “Fallout”!


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Plastique Explodes On the Scene in THE FLASH Episode 105 -Review

This episode has an underlying theme about friends…how they come into your life, who stays in your life, who leaves your life…and how you don’t always have a choice in which way that turns out. Still, this episode gives us a LOT of explosions, which makes sense when you realize the latest meta-human to hit Central City is none other than Plastique! All this and General Eiling too, in Episode 105 of CW’s THE FLASH!


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