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“Pay the Piper” Review of S6 E18 of THE FLASH

Ever since THE FLASH returned from it’s most recent hiatus, the show has been on an almost unprecedented run (no pun intended). There has been more packed into every episode than anyone could have dreamed…except for the exceptional creative team for THE FLASH. This is now the penultimate episode of Season 6, thanks to the shutdown associated with the Coronavirus, and we can expect even more out of Episode 18. We know that Eva McCulloch has escaped the mirror world, that mirror Iris is no more, and that Barry’s speed is still fading away. What more can they give us tonight? From the previews, we know that Godspeed is back…and that Hartley Rathaway is no longer Barry’s friend. Is it time to “Pay the Piper”? We’ll have to see for ourselves. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“Crazy for You” – Review of Episode 112 of THE FLASH

Relationship issues take center stage throughout this episode of THE FLASH. Peek-a-Boo shows up to save her love from prison, Barry and Caitlin hit the town while trying to find them, Linda Park arrives on the scene…and that’s just PART of the fun in Episode 112, “Crazy for You”! Want to know more? Just check after the jump!


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