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Heroes: Villains’ Speedster: On the Set

CBR has an extensive interview with Brea Grant, who debuts as the super-speed villain Daphne Millbrook in Heroes Season 3: “Villains.” In it she talks about her character’s personality and journey, as well as the show’s effort to make the speedster’s powers look authentic. “We’ve talked about the physicality of it,” she says, “as well as there are just practical elements to it. I have to run a certain way, stop really quickly or stop on a dime.”

Daphne also starred in a two-part comic book story earlier this month, “Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration,” by Zach Craley and Micah Gunnell. The story is available on NBC’s website: Part 1, Part 2.

Heroes Speedster Studies the Flash

According to the L.A. Times‘ Show Tracker, Brea Grant, who plays the super-speedster Daphne in the new season of Heroes, prepared for her role by reading a long box–worth of Flash comics.

A little ball of Texas fun, Brea Grant said that it was “kind of daunting” joining the “Heroes’ cast but prepared herself for her super-speed role well, being the “nerd” that she is.

“I read a bunch of Flash comics, and now I have about this many (spreads her arms about three feet apart). I tried to watch the Flash TV series, but it was really bad.”

She also discusses the possible uses of super-speed in ordinary life:

“If I had it [super speed] in real life … it’d be amazing. My room would always be clean. I’d never run out of cereal…”

It’s worth noting that in the season opener, she appears wearing red. Yes: she shows up as a scarlet speedster.