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Answering Searchers’ Questions

It’s always interesting to see what searches bring people to the site. Every once in a while I look through for questions, or implied questions, that aren’t already answered here.

Current Events

Why did Reverse Flash have a Brightest Day symbol?

We don’t know for sure yet, but the implication is that Brightest Day is related to characters who come back from the dead after or at the end of Blackest Night.

Is Jesse Quick back?

Well, she seems to be…but then she’s still appearing as Liberty Belle in Justice Society of America and the second features in JSA All-Stars, so it’s hard to tell. Maybe those take place earlier, maybe she goes back to the other costume, or maybe she’s just going to switch costumes depending on who she’s teaming up with that day.

Did Jay Garrick die in Smallville?

He only appeared in flashback, when Checkmate was rounding up the Justice Society and arresting its members on false charges. He was mentioned by other characters as if he was still alive. (Spoilers for Absolute Justice.)

Is DC working on an animated Flash movie?

If they are, they haven’t said anything about it. A Newsarama article more than a year ago included the Flash in a list of upcoming projects, but there’s been no mention of it since then.

Looking Back

What comes before Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge?

Rogues’ Revenge concludes a sort of trilogy, which you can follow in these collections:

  1. Flash: The Fastest Man Alive – Full Throttle
  2. JLA: Salvation Run
  3. Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge

It also takes place after the end of Flash vol.2 and during the first three issues of Final Crisis.

What year did the Flash superhero gain lightning?

That depends on what the lightning in question is:

  • The symbol dates back to Jay Garrick’s first appearance in 1940.
  • Lightning in the Flash’s origin goes back to Barry Allen’s first appearance in 1956.
  • Lightning effects used to convey speed were used occasionally in the early 1990s, became more prominent when Mike Wieringo worked on the book (1993-1994), and really became established during Terminal Velocity (1995).

Slightly Off-Topic

What is Dan Didio’s twitter name?

As far as I’m aware, Dan Didio isn’t on Twitter.

Who was the female speedster in Heroes?

The character’s name was Daphne Millbrook, and she was played by actress Brea Grant.

Flashforward novel how did it know the pope’s name?

It’s off-topic, but I get a lot of these since I posted a review of the novel.

Author Robert J. Sawyer explains in this video interview that he looked at the list of past popes’ names for those that had good reputations and might be “ready for a comeback.”

New Heroes Speedster Trained in the Jedi Arts

It took the TV series Heroes three seasons to introduce a speedster. Daphne Millbrook was a major character during the “Villains” arc (Volume 3), playing against both Hiro Nakamura and Matt Parkman, and had a smaller role in “Fugitives” (Volume 4). I won’t spoil “Fugitives” for the two people out there who haven’t seen it and want to, but she’s not coming back this season.

This year’s Heroes panel at Comic-Con introduced a new group of players for the upcoming arc, “Redemption” (Volume 5): a traveling carnival made up of people who have super-powers, hiding in plain sight. (Everyone’s making comparisons to Carnivale, but I can’t help but think of Payne’s carnival in Girl Genius.) Among them is Edgar, a knife-thrower played by Ray Park, best known as Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. He also appears as Snake Eyes in the live-action G.I. Joe movie opening this weekend.

Edgar is described as “a speedster with a mission.” Footage played at the panel showed him using his power not for running, but for combat agility as he fought power-magnet Peter Petrelli.

Appropriately enough, the actor kept moving throughout the panel, making it hard for Katie to snap a photo of him that was in focus.

Speedsters: Doomed to Die?

Things looked bad last week for Heroes’ resident speedster, Daphne Millbrook. And speedsters in comic books — Flashes especially — have a noted history of dying for the greater good. Actress Brea Grant notes in her blog:

for all of the millions of people who have asked about my character on heroes, just keep watching.

Can the super-fast thief-turned-courier outrace death?

Speed Reading: Mark, Barry, Daphne, Mopee and Hippies

BOOM! Studios has launched MarkWaid.com, at which BOOM! Editor-in-Chief and long-time Flash writer Mark Waid has started his own blog. (via Newsarama) Meanwhile, CBR writes up his new Incredibles! comic. Update: Also, a new Potter’s Field one-shot, “Stone Cold,” is coming in March.

Ethan Van Sciver mentions in his latest Your Time is Now Mine column that he has drawn four covers for Flash: Rebirth #1, though DC is only using two of them for the first issue. “We’ll see where they pop up!” he says. My bet: one of them will appear on the inevitable second printing.

Progressive Ruin looks into a forgotten Flash supporting cast memberMopee — and a surprise find in the old Flash comics letters column: a letter from a fan named Cary Bates!

4thletter! bemoans the fact that Barry Allen’s return appears to be linked to another speedster’s death.

Comic Coverage looks at an editor’s excuse for a then-shocking swear word appearing on the cover of a 1960s Flash comic.

Death in Comics is clearly on the collective mind of the blogosphere, with (again) 4thLetter and Mania weighing in.

Armagideon Time reminds us all to lighten up a bit. It’s only a hobby, after all.

And finally, Heroes’ Brea Grant posts this fan picture of Daphne, Flash and Quicksilver by Drawing Power:

Speedsters by Drawing Power: Quicksilver, Daphne, and the Flash

Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2008-12-21 (Heroes: Villains)

General Twittering

  • No big Flash surprises in DC’s March solicits. Just the usual team books & collections. OTOH: Green Lantern Chronicles. Is Flash next?
  • I can’t possibly be the only person who keeps misreading “Batman: Battle for the Cowl” as “Batman: Battle for the Cow.”
  • 43,000 results for “battle for the cowl” and only 9 for “battle for the cow” – Google has spoken.
  • Please check out: 5 Things I’ve Learned About Twitter.
  • Interesting question in comment thread: when you drop a comic series, do you look for a new book to take its place? Hmm…
  • Comics bought this week: Fables, Fallen Angel, Buffy, Tangent: Superman’s Reign. May check another store for Beanworld.
  • LA & Orange County readers may be interested in my pictures of the local mountains covered in snow.
  • There are 4 Crow movies? All w/new leads whose names sound like Raven, Corvis, etc? It’s like plant elementals and Alec Holland.
  • Woah, I missed this one: Fallen Angel is ending and relaunching with an Angel crossover — co-starring Illyria.

Heroes: Villains finale

  • So, we start out with Sylar as the Joker in Killing Joke…
  • So, how long before Bennet sees the obvious third option? I’m guessing 5 minutes before the end of the episode. If at all.
  • Next year can I just watch the Hiro, Ando, Daphne and Matt show?
  • “Back in a Flash!” 😀
  • Quick, CB! Stuff garlic in his mouth and cut off his head, so if someone pulls out the stake – er, glass, he won’t come back to life!
  • Posted some thoughts on Heroes Volume 3: Villains at my other blog.

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Heroes & San Diego

A couple of recent posts on my other blog that might appeal to this audience:

Thoughts on Heroes Volume 3: Villains. I’ve really liked the storyline with Hiro, Ando, Daphne and Matt (and got a kick out of the speedster saying, “Back in a flash!”), but other parts of the show have just bugged me lately.

San Diego Weekend, mainly for the bit in the middle about the Omni Hotel and the San Diego Convention Center.