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Speed Reading: Sackboy & Zombie Flash, Brea Grant, Young Justice and SDCC

Some weekend linkblogging…

That F’ing Monkey continues its Friday Flash focus with a Flash Sackboy and a piece of original art from Flash: TFMA, the series following Bart Allen’s brief career as the Flash. Let’s just say it’s from the storyline that had Marc Guggenheim as writer and Ethan Van Sciver on covers.

Robot 6’s regular feature on collections spotlights Hugues Charron, headlining the profile with a Todd Lauzon painting of a Zombie Flash.

Heroes’ speedster Brea Grant is this past week’s Geek a Week. (via Bad Astronomy)

DC is finally reprinting Young Justice!…sort of. They’re releasing a set of eight DC Comics Presents one-shots reprinting various hard-to-find stories, including JLA: World Without Grown-Ups as DC Presents: Young Justice.

Collected Editions reviews Justice League: Cry for Justice, concluding it’s both better and worse than advertised. Of course, when the introduction to the book is essentially an apology by the writer, you have to wonder…


Warner Bros. promotes this year’s giant bags for Comic-Con…and their wardrobe possibilities.

Dark Horse sponsors events at more than 50 comic stores for fans who are #NotAtComicCon.

Ethan Van Sciver has posted promotional art for Montreal Comic-Con featuring a Superman/Flash race and Green Lantern with the starting pistol.

Update: Here’s one more. Kerry Callen (of the excellent Halo and Sprocket) redraws Flash v.1 #133 for Covered. That’s the classic Abra Kadabra story in which the Flash thinks to himself, “I’ve got the strangest feeling I’m being turned into a puppet.”

EVS at Comicpalooza

Just a quick note before the weekend: artist Ethan Van Sciver is among the guests at Comicpalooza, held in Houston, Texas on March 26-28, 2010.

Other speed-related guests listed on the site include artist Humberto Ramos, the original artist on Impulse, and actress Brea Grant, who played speedster Daphne Millbrook on Heroes during the “Villains” and “Fugitives” arcs.

(Tip of the hat to Papa Zero for spotting this.)

Speedsters: Doomed to Die?

Things looked bad last week for Heroes’ resident speedster, Daphne Millbrook. And speedsters in comic books — Flashes especially — have a noted history of dying for the greater good. Actress Brea Grant notes in her blog:

for all of the millions of people who have asked about my character on heroes, just keep watching.

Can the super-fast thief-turned-courier outrace death?

Speed Reading: Mark, Barry, Daphne, Mopee and Hippies

BOOM! Studios has launched MarkWaid.com, at which BOOM! Editor-in-Chief and long-time Flash writer Mark Waid has started his own blog. (via Newsarama) Meanwhile, CBR writes up his new Incredibles! comic. Update: Also, a new Potter’s Field one-shot, “Stone Cold,” is coming in March.

Ethan Van Sciver mentions in his latest Your Time is Now Mine column that he has drawn four covers for Flash: Rebirth #1, though DC is only using two of them for the first issue. “We’ll see where they pop up!” he says. My bet: one of them will appear on the inevitable second printing.

Progressive Ruin looks into a forgotten Flash supporting cast memberMopee — and a surprise find in the old Flash comics letters column: a letter from a fan named Cary Bates!

4thletter! bemoans the fact that Barry Allen’s return appears to be linked to another speedster’s death.

Comic Coverage looks at an editor’s excuse for a then-shocking swear word appearing on the cover of a 1960s Flash comic.

Death in Comics is clearly on the collective mind of the blogosphere, with (again) 4thLetter and Mania weighing in.

Armagideon Time reminds us all to lighten up a bit. It’s only a hobby, after all.

And finally, Heroes’ Brea Grant posts this fan picture of Daphne, Flash and Quicksilver by Drawing Power:

Speedsters by Drawing Power: Quicksilver, Daphne, and the Flash

Speed Reading: Flash on TV, “Definitive” Characters, MK vs DC and more

Fellow Flash blog Crimson Lightning has returned to a regular update schedule, including the latest in its series reviewing each episode of the 1990 Flash TV Series: “Fast Forward.”

Newsarama’s Grumpy Old Fan contemplates what “the most definitive” version of a character means.

More Mortal Kombat vs DCU trailers, including video of Flash vs. Scorpion. Something must be funky about the player CBR uses, because this is the second time they’ve posted video clips on MKvDC that I couldn’t get to play. YMMV.

This Week in Geek interviews Brea Grant (via @breagrant)

And speeking of geeks, check out the 56 Geeks Project (via Once Upon a Geek)

Speed Reading: Rebirth, Crimson Lightning, Turner Tribute and More

Fellow Flash blogger Dixon of Crimson Lightning writes about catching up on his Flash comic index and launching a new feature, “Fast Talk,” all about the technobabble with which the Flashes breeze past the laws of physics.

Wizard Magazine’s 2009 preview, shipping in December, will feature an interview with Geoff Johns in which he talks about Flash: Rebirth. (via Comic Bloc’s BESTBUY)

That Flash neon sign coming in June? Comics Infinity is offering pre-orders for 10% off. (via aeryncrichton)

Aspen Studios’ planned tribute to founder Michael Turner has been making the rounds at The Pulse and elsewhere, and Newsarama has followed up with a short interview with Vince Hernandez.

Hiro and DaphneThe Pulse interviews Brea Grant, speedster Daphne from Heroes. Anyone else notice that they still keep dressing her in red?

Finally, Comics Should Be Good has a list of the Top Five Flashes. I’m sure most Flash fans will find something to disagree with in this list. 😀