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supergirl flashThe big question…and I mean the BIG question…is “Did this episode live up to the hype?” YES! Absolutely it did! There was plenty in this episode to make any Supergirl or Flash fan happy. This was a crossover where both lead characters had the chance to shine without taking anything away from either. And, if youwant to know more (including whether there was a race…there has to be a race, right?), just follow us after the jump!


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eBay prices on JLU Rogues 3 Pack leveling off

For those still interested in picking up the JLU 3-Pack featuring Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang (as well as yet another Flash) the prices of the set on the secondary market are leveling off nicely. The lowest starting bid is 15.99, which isn’t rock bottom or anything, but a far cry from the 60 and 70 dollars the set was going for only a few weeks ago. Not to mention that Target raised the prices of JLU 3-Packs in September of last year to $15.99, so it’s the same price as purchasing it in the store. Of course the difference rests on the final bidding price and shipping and handling versus gas.

JLU 3 Pack feat. Cold and Boomerang

Also of equal importance to note there appears to be a lot more of these 3 packs available, which is undoubtedly contributing to the lowered prices. Punching in “captain cold boomerang” in the eBay search engine under “Action Figures” logged me 13 results. Not bad compared to the whopping “1” I got late last month putting in the same search terms. As mentioned previously the lowest price was $15.99, which is practically the same when compared to Target prices, but there are still a couple sets going for scalper prices as high as 50 and 60 dollars. Hopefully they sit on eBay for a long time.

JLU Weather Wizard

Btw good news for those still on the look out for Weather Wizard. The Livewire, Weather Wizard, and Superman 3 packs have been very plentiful on eBay lately. Unfortunately the prices are still ridiculously high, with most of the “Buy It Now” prices of the 15 results ranging between 30 and 50 dollars.

This is a good lesson in waiting. I’m just too impatient when it comes to picking these up. At the same time though with Mattel’s poor distribution it’s sad that I automatically just resort to eBay and getting it asap because I don’t know when or if it will hit this area.

In any case good luck to those still hunting.

Keep it Flashy,

Devin “The Flash” Johnson