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Speed Reading: Art, Quick Time, DCUO, Fast Mail and More

Some weekend linkblogging…


I finally placed what that Funko Flash plush toy reminds me of: paintings by Degrazia.

Michael Cho is bringing some great paintings of the Flash and Mister Miracle to Fan Expo. (via @FrancisManapul)

In Brightest Day, In Blackest…Coffee? The Nerdy Bird has found an awesome T-shirt on Etsy.

Giant Size Geek (formerly Photon Torpedoes) found a “trippy” Martin Ansin painting of the Flash. Actually, there’s another Giant Size Geek find that’s going to get its own post…

Commentary and News

Quick Time is a new blog focusing on Jesse Quick and Hourman. Recent posts include costumes, low points (Jesse in Titans, anyone?), and thoughts on the Justice Society roster.

That F’ing Monkey looks at Flash postage stamps in the Fastest Mail Alive.

The Source has a new video ad for DC Universe Online, “I am the Next Legend.”

The Flash makes IGN’s top DC series list at #8.

CSBG has completed their series on the Top 75 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics History.