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This Week: Digital Flashback: The Garricks’ Honeymoon in Vegas

It’s a week without any new Flash comics, but DC is adding another classic to their back catalog.  This one’s Flash #161 (2000). With Wally and Linda off on their honeymoon, Jay Garrick tells the story of the hijinks on his and Joan’s honeymoon in what was then a little-known out of the way town called Las Vegas…and what happened when his JSA pals tagged along to throw a reception, and the Fiddler, Thinker and Shade show up to rob the casino.  There’s also a side plot revealing the fate of the Three Dimwits — a Stooges-style trio of buffoons from the Golden Age supporting cast who had largely been ignored by later flashback tales.

It’s a fun story by Pat McGreal, Paul Pelletier and Doug Hazlewood, with a cover by Steve Lightle.

Flash #161

This Week: Chain Lightning Continues in Digital Flash #146

Flash #146: Chain Lightning Part Two

It’s a slow week for the Flash, with no new comics or collections and only one digital re-release:

Flash #146: Chain Lightning Part 2

Wally West, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, and Jesse Quick run into a variety of speedsters as they travel the time stream looking to save the lives of future Flashes.

Written by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn. Art by Paul Pelletier, Vince Russell, Tom McCraw. Cover by Steve Lightle.