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Grodd, Vandal Savage, and Zoom in SUPER VILLAIN MARCH MADNESS!

Round Two (the round of 32) is on at SUPER VILLAIN MARCH MADNESS, and you’ll find Gorilla Grodd vs. Professor Zoom and Vandal Savage vs. Circe…along with a host of other DC and Marvel baddies! There are less than 24 hours left to vote, so be sure to have your voice heard! Here’s a link to the match-ups, which end at 10 PM Eastern Time USA on Monday, March 23rd:

CLICK HERE for Round 2A of Super Villain March Madness!

Captain Cold in Super Villain March Madness!

Over at TMStash.com, it was a good round for Flash fans as Grodd, Zoom, and Vandal Savage all advanced in SUPER VILLAIN MARCH MADNESS. Now, it’s Captain Cold’s turn as he faces Metallo! YOUR votes can make all the difference, so be sure to visit at THIS LINK to vote – and while you’re there be sure to vote in our other matches of the day!


Over at TMStash.com, you’ll find a LOT of Flash Rogues and other bad guys in Super Villain March Madness! Today’s match-ups include Zoom, Grodd, Vandal Savage and more! To vote, just CLICK HERE to follow the link to the post with all EIGHT matches today! The voting for this group ends at 10 PM Eastern Time on March 18th, so be sure to make your voice heard!

Super Villain March Madness!

Last year, the followers of SpeedForce.org were a BIG factor in helping Barry Allen win in the DC vs. Marvel Superhero March Madness event at TMStash.com. This year, a number of Flash Rogues and other Flash bad guys are part of a NEW event…SUPER VILLAIN MARCH MADNESS!

The event has begun with a field of 68 villains, split into four regions. There are 30 DC and 30 Marvel bad guys, along with 8 Indie villains who are presently in their “Play-In” Matches (go to TMStash.com to vote in those matches). Beginning at 10 PM Eastern Time USA on March 17th, the BIG fun begins with eight matches, including Grodd, Zoom, and Vandal Savage. Later matches will include Captain Cold, along with a host of other DC baddies. It is YOUR votes that will make all the difference!¬†You can get all the pairings at THIS LINK.