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Super Villain March Madness!

Last year, the followers of SpeedForce.org were a BIG factor in helping Barry Allen win in the DC vs. Marvel Superhero March Madness event at TMStash.com. This year, a number of Flash Rogues and other Flash bad guys are part of a NEW event…SUPER VILLAIN MARCH MADNESS!

The event has begun with a field of 68 villains, split into four regions. There are 30 DC and 30 Marvel bad guys, along with 8 Indie villains who are presently in their “Play-In” Matches (go to TMStash.com to vote in those matches). Beginning at 10 PM Eastern Time USA on March 17th, the BIG fun begins with eight matches, including Grodd, Zoom, and Vandal Savage. Later matches will include Captain Cold, along with a host of other DC baddies. It is YOUR votes that will make all the difference! You can get all the pairings at THIS LINK.

Barry and (but not vs) Wally in Round 4 of Superhero March Madness

Round 4 of DC MARVEL SUPERHERO MARCH MADNESS is on at TMStash.com and we find both Barry Allen and Wally West making the cut for the latest round!  Barry is facing off with Iron Man in Round 4, and Wally is matched against Power Girl.  Your votes make all the difference – below are links to each face-off:

BARRY VS IRON MAN: http://www.tmstash.com/round-4-dc-marvel-superhero-march-madness-barry-allen-vs-jean-grey/  (NOTE: The contest bewteen Iron Man and Jean Grey was VERY close, and while the post itself was corrected before publication the URL was missed until the votes were already streaming in).

WALLY VS POWER GIRL: http://www.tmstash.com/round-4-dc-marvel-superhero-march-madness-power-girl-vs-wally-west/

Thanks to all who have stopped by to vote – just a friendly word of warning…if Barry and Wally both win today’s matches they will meet each other in the next round.  THAT will be a tough choice for all Flash fans!

Barry Allen Needs Your Votes vs Cyborg in Superhero March Madness!

Barry Allen is back up in Round 2 of DC MARVEL SUPERHERO MARCH MADNESS over at TMStash.com – and he needs your votes against Cyborg!  In Round 1, Flash fans showed up in force (Speedforce? You bet!), giving Barry the highest vote total of any character in the competition.  But, we have a clean slate entering Round 2, so your votes are once again needed!  Here’s the link to find the Barry v. Cyborg match:


And, while you’re there, be sure to check out the other races for today!  Just a note: tomorrow’s face-offs will include Wally West, who had the second highest vote total of Round 1.  Barry’s match will continue until 11 PM Eastern Daylight Time USA on March 28th.  Your support has definitely made an impact already – be sure to stop by again today!

DC vs Marvel Superhero March Madness!

superhero march madnessSuperman vs. Thor!  Wonder Woman vs. Jean Grey! Hal Jordan vs. Tony Stark! You’ll find Barry Allen AND Wally West in the brackets as well…DC vs Marvel Superhero March Madness has begun at TMStash.com!

All the battles are decided by YOU!  Voting has begun on Day 1, which ends tonight (March 17) at 11 PM Eastern Time USA.  There will be battles every day (usually 4 battles per day) through April 6th (with a couple of Sundays off to prepare podcast wrap-ups).  There are four regions, each named after a prominent writer for either DC or Marvel – two of the regions feature “in-house” battles (all DC or all Marvel), which assure that at least one character from each publisher will make the final four.  The other two regions are featuring head-to-head DC/Marvel battles from Day 1!

The champion will be revealed on a LIVE STREAMING podcast April 6th!  To find out more, here is a link to the entire bracket:


And, here is a link that will direct you to all four Day 1 matchups – vote NOW…and just be warned that there are already UPSET ALERTS going out on a couple of those face-offs!


As of this writing, Thor is actually leading Superman…and there is almost a dead heat between Batman & Power Girl, as well as between Captain Marvel & Nova!  YOUR VOTES will matter!



Flash March Madness – and the Winner Is…

Flash March Madness is now complete, and the winner is…

The Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne! It was a close race with Captain Cold, but in the end Thawne won the title. Thawne first appeared in 1963, so even at 50 he can outrun the Rogues who competed against him.

We do hope you have enjoyed Flash March Madness – and that you will stick around The Fastest Forum Alive now that this great event is over. Thanks to Speedster, who designed the event, and thanks to SpeedForce for allowing us to provide the updates throughout the contest. Finally, congrats to the Reverse Flash (that’s a phrase I never thought I’d write)…and thanks to all the fans who participated in Flash March Madness!

Flash March Madness Begins Championship Round!

The last match up in the Final Four of Flash March Madness is now in the books, and the results are:

Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) d. Mirror Master (Evan McCulloch)!

This means the Championship comes down to Captain Cold v. Reverse Flash!

Voting for the Championship will cover two days (Wednesday and Thursday), with the championship of Flash March Madness on the line! Who will earn Rogues supremacy? Your votes will decide!

As always, membership at The Fastest Forum Alive is free – and you can also login to vote with your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or Windows Live account. Be sure to cast your vote in Flash March Madness!