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The Rogues Have a Code – Review of The Rogues #1

Villains Month: Flash #23.3 /  Rogues #1This is one “Villains Month” comic that I truly wish was a permanent ongoing series…not just a mini series  but a full-fledged ongoing a la Gail Simone’s old Secret Six (though I am looking forward to Rogues Rebellion).  The Flash #23.3 aka The Rogues #1 has the look and feel of an excellent series first issue, giving us a New 52 version of what has made the Rogues great for decades. These are the ultimate blue-collar crooks, not bent on world domination but on making a living the “honest” way…by robbery, of course.  Their code against killing makes them almost completely unique, especially in the DC Universe.  These colorful crooks are more human, even with their newer meta-powers, than most villains found anywhere else in comics…and it makes one almost cheer for them at times.   This is only part of why there are so many Rogues fans out there…and this issue captures the essence of what has made the group so great for so many years.


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